You're ready to take a huge leap forward,

and I am here to launch you off the cliff so you can FLY


By working together, we'll create your own direct line to accessing your soul wisdom,
so its on tap and available to you 24/7.

With my expertise, your willingness and the support of the Healing Archetypes – the sky is no limit.

#1 - Private sessions

60 mins : $200

Map your path forward through uncertainty + doubt.  Working with all 8 Healing Archetypes, we explore what you and your wellness business need to grow and prosper, with soul.

60 mins : $200

Part spiritual healing, part embodiment + a good dose of soul awakening.  This is the session to clear out the cobwebs and re-wire your system for optimal expansion + reclaiming your OOMPH..

. . . . . . .

#2 - Group mentoring

6 weeks : $320

This is our signature journey of uncovering your
healing genius + healing the root cause
of why you hide your gifts from the world.
It’s here you will discover your Lead + Veiled Healing Archetypes,
getting to know them [and yourself] intimately.