This is the session to turn to when you can feel there is something BIG shifting inside.

::: 1 hour healing + alignment live on Zoom :::


This is the rich inner work to clear out the dross that's holding you back and to up the ante with your own healing capabilities.


You are already a powerful healer, and a healing session such as this will take
you + your sacred work to a whole new level.


This is all about refining your gifts.  
Polishing them like a diamond so they [and you!] can shine even brighter.


And it’s also all about your fears.  
Recognising what is holding you back and throwing those fears into the fire to be transformed.


This is your chance to work privately with me as we co-create a powerful healing
and shift in your awareness and your being.


You already have the power, creativity + wisdom inside you –
I'll help you to access it and know what to do with it.


As an experienced spiritual healer of over 13 years, this is my life work :
to groom you for reaching your highest potential as a healer,
and INITIATE you into your next level of self-mastery.


And with the help of the Healing Archetypes behind us,
you have an impeccable + powerful team facilitating your awakening.

. . . . . . .

$330 upfront or 3 x $115/fortnight

+ post-healing integration PDF to support you

+ session recording for your future reference

+ all healings conducted live on Zoom