Shaman Healing Archetype

The archetypal force of the Shaman is the earthly,
elemental aspect of the Healing Archetypes.

The Shaman embodies the medicine man / woman in us that is inherently connected to the Earth, nature and the elementals.

An eco-warrior at heart, the Shaman will fiercely protect all that they believe in.

Connected to the earth and the elements, archetypal Shamans honour and respect the laws of nature and the universe.  Within that structure of these laws they are also free.  A bit uncouth and lovers of ritual, ceremony and the cycles of nature – their power lies in their connection to mother earth.

. . . . . . . 


- Fears death or cycles ending in life

- Suppressed aggression / anger / rage

- Escapism


- Honours both light and dark of life

- Grounded + anchored in the body

- Conjuring the elements

. . . . . . .

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