Sensualist Healing Archetype

Unashamed of their sexual or sensual nature,
Sensualists thrive when they are in flow with their body and their energy. 

They honour and respect their body as their temple and have a healing touch like no other.

They feel things in their physicality more so than in any other way. 

Naturally creative and quite feminine in nature, Sensualists relish in activating their 5 senses and enjoy connecting with the world in a way that is corporeal and embodied.  This Healing Archetype deeply understands the intrinsic connection between sexuality, life force, creativity + embodied healing.

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- Using sex for power + control

- Fears intimacy

- Damsel in Distress


- Flowing in life with grace

- Primary communicator is touch

- Appreciates beauty + exquisiteness

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Listen to my chat with the gorgeous Susana Frioni about how to embrace your Sensualist Healing Archetype in every day life + what life could feel like if you let her into your world..


We cover all this and so much more :

- what is the Sensualist healing archetype

- the first simple step to activating your Sensualist

- how to identify the shadow aspects of the Sensualist

- how the Sensualist can support you in sinking deeper into your embodiment and erotic empowerment.

- my personal journey with the Sensualist

- the pre-requisite required for your Sensualist to come out and play

- the key to sustaining attraction with a lover

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