Now : life at this moment + current musings ..

* Planning my first proper overseas trip in a decade for Nov 2017 to India [ + ridiculously excited about it ]

* Watching how my 4yo is constantly re-teaching me patience, compassion, integrity and FUN

* Daily looooong walks on the beach to clear my head, it's fucking heaven

* Doing the odd soulful logo branding project [my other secret love] to keep my creative juices gushing

* Getting more and more fired up about the unconscious behaviour in the coaching + wellness industry - and finding more of my courage to SAY IT OUT LOUD. I've often stopped myself before speaking in the fear of upsetting or offending others yet .. somethings just need to be said, you know?

* Constantly taking notes for Harness Your Healing Brilliance Level 2 course content [ as in, stopping the car or getting out of the shower dripping wet just to write stuff down ]

* Nabbing the BEST stuff lately when I go op-shopping

* Creating an urban jungle in my lounge room, one pot plant at a time.


Inspired by Derek Sivers