NOW : life at this moment ..

* I'm reading : Minimalism, Living a Meaningful Life by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus

* I'm listening to : Charlie Cunningham  //  Busby Marou  //  Alt-J // Wild Beasts //  George Ogilvie

* I'm eating : mostly Paleo, lots of ghee and feeling *amazing* being off sugar

* I'm drinking : homemade, stove-brewed chai - I have finally mastered the perfect chai!

* I'm dreaming of : ways to keep letting go of 'stuff' and living a stunningly simple, intentional, slow life

* I'm disliking : the vacuous, drivel in the healing/coaching industry being spread via social media

* I'm making : a craft project!  Sewing fabric BYO cutlery kits to reduce plastic cutlery use and gifting them to friends

* I'm loving : hosting regular bonfires in my backyard with old and new friends

* I'm struggling with : the adjustment to being a School Mum

* I'm experimenting with : having Mum Dates and Dad Dates, to spend quality time w my folks

* I'm at peace with : all that hasn't come to pass in the last 12 months, its clear I have been given what I needed, now what I wanted.

* I'm feeling : damn good


Inspired by Derek Sivers