If you seek to find your unique 'magic', read on ..

this is for the coaches, healers + wellness practitioners who are here to LEAVE A LEGACY

Do you seek to live and work with integrity and awareness whilst being the truest version of yourself? 

Discover the ways I can serve you so you can serve others with greater power + depth


You've been in practice for a while now - yet there still feels like there is something missing.. something you can't quite put your finger on. Lack of confidence pops up sometimes more than you like to admit.  Some days you even wonder if this gig is what you are meant to be doing.

You've followed your calling by becoming a coach, healer or wellness practitioner, but where are the raving fans, the copious bookings and the deep sense of fulfilment?

Whilst the thought of the positive impact you can make in the world with what you now know has your imagination running wild [!!] - there's still a nagging thought that knows you are not accessing your full breadth of power, potency or uniqueness.

You might look to your industry idols - they seem to be rocking it, big time. You assume what they have done will probably work for you.  And if you've been daring enough to try their 'way' you may even have been bitterly disappointed or left wondering why it didn't work so well for you.

Thing is, their road map isn't yours.

And, it never will be. 


Before you throw in the towel, invest or make any changes to your business, I encourage you to look within.


The white hot truth is : you have all the gifts you will ever need in order to be the most powerful coach, healer or wellness practitioner you can be.

Not just another version of someone else out there.

It's isolating work being a coach, healer or wellness practitioner, its just you and the client in the room [either physically or virtually]. I totally get how lonely this can be while you are finding your way through running a business, navigating ethical dilemmas, and continuing to stretch yourself + evolve your soul whilst maintaining a constant stream of bookings!

If you seek to find your unique 'magic', you're in the right place.


You are part of a movement of coaches, healers + wellness practitioners emerging who know there's more to facilitating true + lasting healing for their clients

Success lies in sovereignty.

I can help you find yours.

I created the Healing Archetypes – a unique + revolutionary typing system that will liberate and enlighten you.



Explore the Healing Archetypes

Understanding your Healing Archetype will start you on a raw, truth-telling, radical deep dive that will reveal to you your own unique soul blueprint in the realm of your specific healing gifts.

The 8 Healing Archetypes exist within every coach, healer + wellness practitioner
or therapist.  Illuminate your innate healing powers +
access your true power within.

Find out your Lead Healing Archetype take the quiz


The Healing Archetypes will bring personal transformation that will change how you work. In turn you will make the greatest, most profound impact on your clients and improve your business - not because you will sell a light-weight superficial product to the masses, but because you will facilitate a BECOMING in your clients.

To be a practitioner with integrity is to lead with substance + power.

We as coaches, healers + wellness practitioners are in a position of immense power, holding the hearts of our clients in our hands.  People listen to us.  They follow our guidance.

Let's work together to amplify your brilliance

We'll join forces to activate your soul's divine blueprint + set you up for success.



On this journey you can expect to:

·       Renew your confidence by being internally referenced to harness the power of authenticity

·       Find your true talents and passions holistically so you can embody your soul purpose and gifts (or same as take on the gritty, chaotic shadow work  in order to access your own soul wisdom)

·       learn how to think for yourself instead of becoming a carbon copy of someone else.

·       galvanise your clients' true power by not doing their deep work for them.

·       create a container of trust, integrity and honour of your client's unique journey.

·       Take responsibility for your ego's nature and don't project this onto your clients or their audience.




The Rise of the Awakened Healer

The Rise of the Awakened Healer is a movement of coaches, healers + wellness practitioners who are no longer victims of their wounding, rather they have made the shift and operate from a place of empowerment, integrity, self-responsibility and awareness.


I'm here to guide and mentor you.



This is really for you if you:

·       Get a kick out of taking responsibility for their stuff

·       Are accustomed [or at least willing] to walk into the shadows to acquire greater wisdom

·       Have a burning desire to live with integrity + alignment to their values

·       Feel they must fulfil their soul purpose or they will self-combust or simply die trying

·       Thrive on transformation and self-discovery

·       Willing to do whatever it takes to make their dreams + soul fire manifest

·       Are open to leaving behind any previous ideas of who they think they are in order to be the person they really are inside.



Why wait? Let's get started today.