The exclusive 1:1 VIP Immersion private mentoring to accelerate YOU, your soul's mission + your unique gifts. 

::: 3 HR session - OR - FULL DAY AVAILABLE  :::


This is for the coach, healer or wellness practitioner who seeks professional, deep and experiential mentoring to unlock your gifts in all their splendour AND break the patterns of resistance and limitation.  


I am not interested in creating Mini-Me's.  

If you desire to create what I have or follow in my footsteps, this is not the work for you,
nor am I the mentor for you.
I am more interested in digging deep within YOU to find your OWN unique place in the tapestry of our industry and it's not going to look like my journey [or my products and services].

I will also not agree to supporting you to be a version of someone you admire either.
If you come to me with 'I want to be like xyz person', I'll question your drive behind this.
If your sole desire is to be rich and famous, then we will not gel I am afraid.

That said, if you are keen to really walk the unique path
of your own soul's unfolding and make a truly abundant [on all levels] livelihood from your soul's gifts, read on ..

My role in this is to support you, encourage you and take you deeper into your stunning self so you may shine more of your brilliance into the world. And it’s likely that greater abundance and prosperity will manifest in your life, ironically.


In our work together, this is your chance to really cut through your ego’s protection of your power with someone holding you accountable, in real time and in the flesh.


//  I work best with practitioners who //


Get a kick out of taking responsibility for their stuff

. . . . . . .

Are accustomed [or at least willing] to walk into the shadows to acquire greater wisdom

. . . . . . .

Have a burning desire to live with integrity + alignment to their values

. . . . . . .

Feel they must fulfil their soul purpose or they will self-combust or simply die trying

. . . . . . .

Thrive on transformation and self-discovery

. . . . . . .

Willing to do whatever it takes to make their dreams + soul fire manifest

. . . . . . .

Are open to leaving behind any previous ideas of who they think they are
in order to be the person they really are inside.


Private mentoring with Sarah K was a true blessing and a big progression!

I wish there were words to describe how transformed I feel inside, and the way it shows in my professional and personal life.  I’m living my own truth now and Sarah K really lit the way for me. Her genuine love and care as well as irreplaceable years of experience really showed, as she flowed in every moment with me to take me to depth I didn’t know existed and bring about truly profound healing within me.

Nadia Vitetta  |  Intuitive Bodywork + Restorative Yoga |

. . . . . . .

With Sarah K working closely with me, it was an abundant gift of a best friend, sister, mentor, shaman, sage, wise woman, guide, accountability buddy, personal cheer-leader

.. all woven together with the threads of love, deep listening, compassion and present-ness.

Sarah’s capacity to hold rock-solid unwavering sacred space provided a very safe container to explore and uncover unconscious blocks, beliefs, unhelpful habits and thought processes. Her approach to gently and respectfully guide and explore into hidden spaces – with her signature sensitivity, grace and wisdom beyond her years, provided the perfect conditions for me to commit to the process and dive in whole-heartedly and work with whatever bubbled up/arose.  The work Sarah is offering is quite extraordinary.  Lisa Edgerton  |  Zen Thai Shiatsu + Mayan Abdominal Practitioner


// common themes addressed  //

You are welcome to bring it all to these sessions :
the confusion, the frustration, the stuckness, the angst.

Commonly, I work w coaches, healers + wellness practitioners who : 

Feel like they are at an impasse in their work
Including being riddled by crippling doubt + anxiety, even 'performance' issues in session

Are ready to take a wild leap into a new way of working
but, to date have lacked the confidence, skills or clarity to move forward with ease

Know they are capable of so much more
and, haven't yet isolated what makes them so unique and remarkable.

Can feel the urgency to serve humanity in the greatest way they can
whilst still remaining connected to their soul wisdom

Know they are meant to work beyond their modality
yet haven't had the gusto to take the leap yet.



// you choose //

3 hour Intensive

Due to the nature of the work + the required intimacy,
these will only be held in person on the Sunshine Coast, QLD or near you.

Bring your burning issues, your doubts, your stuckness.

I'm all YOURS for 3 entire hours - don't underestimate how much we can shift, awaken + elevate you. 

$880 upfront - or - 3 x $300 fortnightly

. . . . . . .

Full Day Deep Dive

Due to the nature of the work + the required intimacy,
these will only be held in person on the Sunshine Coast, QLD or near you..

If working intensely, constantly on the edge of discovery is your thing AND you are really ready to shift some serious material in 6 hours - this is for you.

$1770 upfront - or - 3 x $597 fortnightly