Specialised activation training for coaches,
healers + wellness practitioners.  


 7 week *live* online group mentoring COURSE

The world will not heal itself on its own.
Humanity needs awakened coaches, healers + therapists
to contribute to the healing + evolution of the planet.


And, I can say with absolute certainty that if you have acted on the call to enter the realm of service to humanity by becoming a coach or practitioner,  you've been called for a reason.


However, can you honestly answer a HELL YES to this question -

Do you feel you are accessing the true depth, potential and unique wisdom within you, and offering your clients and the world the very best of you?

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Sarah K has downloaded incredible healing archetypal system and its spot on, and so very illuminating.

I’ve been moving and dancing with these archetypes and they’ve been showing me more of my unique leadership ways. And the most powerful thing, my healing archetypes give me the permission to do my soul work, my way. 

| MELISSA SANDON | Soul Leader + Energy Medicine Teacher
Lead Guide // Veiled Nurturer

. . . . . . .

Integrating my Healing Archetypes has brought rapid, immediate transformation into all corners of my life. Working with my archetypes helped me heal within myself long held fears and beliefs, restored balance between my cosmos and earth polarities and this rapidly opened channels for new expressions, ideas and offerings for my clients. This journey is nothing short of MAJOR transformation and growth. This is truly a remarkable offering for the world

Psychic + Soul Guide
Lead Mystic // Veiled Sensualist

. . . . . . .

Sarah's channelled system of The Healing Archetypes framework is one of the most deeply insightful + illuminating processes you can go through as a healer + practitioner. This personally helped me discover, with crystal clear clarity, how to sharpen my current work; from the copy I write, to the offers I create, + even, how I work with my clients. It's also illuminated the next huge body of work I'm being called to anchor - which for so long was elusive and unformed.

Spiritual Mentor + Coach
Lead Mystic // Veiled Coach

. . . . . . .

I feel more at peace with a feeling of wholeness. I have more ease in creating in my business, knowing what course of action to take.   THANK YOU for this life-changing experience,
I feel completely different and at peace within myself, which is invaluable to me
right now in my life.

Natalie Kent
Business Coach
Lead Shaman // Veiled Mystic

. . . . . . .

Unrelentingly, this woman will call out your greatness & deepen your integrity. Sarah's Healing Archetypes System is one of the most powerful & unique tools I've come across. By illuminating the strengths of my own archetypes, I've found deep internal conviction in both what and teach and the way I teach it.

Embodiment Mentor
Lead Coach // Veiled Sensualist

. . . . . . .

An awakened healer lays the foundation of self-mastery in order to

create the change they seek to see in the world.

. . . . .

An awakened healer is so intimate with their own shadow, 

they relate to it as a dear friend + ally.

. . . . .



. . . . .

Harness Your Healing Brilliance
is the first level training in becoming an awakened healer
who uniquely creates waves in their industry
+ facilitates powerful healing for their clients.


It's through this deep work that you can identify your own unique flavour
in an ever-growing industry and stand firmly in your OWN place in the market
[rather than feeling you need to be like an industry idol you admire in order to succeed].


// course inclusions //

7 WEEK ONLINE course, email delivery +
password protected membership site access to course material

+ 1 x Opening Ceremony live group call

+ 7 x live weekly group mentoring calls
 - all calls are recorded just in case you can't join us

+ simple and thoroughly effective activation processes

+ Uncover your Veiled Healing Archetype and understand who you are *becoming* this lifetime

+ Catalysing worksheets to crystallise your new learnings
and help you to really embody the work

++ BONUS ++
Heavily discounted private sessions from the moment you sign up, to 2 weeks after the course.


// early bird OPEN //

All Prices in Australian Dollars.
Program kicks off 31 July.

PLEASE NOTE : Lifetime access to the program is unavailable, as this is the very last time this program will be offered. However, all content will be available to download for your own future personal use.


This course is for coaches, healers, therapists
+ wellness practitioners who :

- desire to really stand out rather than be a cookie-cutter version of their mentor or industry idols

- Feeling at an impasse with their healing or coaching work wondering :
do I complete more study or just change how I work?

- are keen to transform their healing work with rich, alchemical shadow work

- Second guess their gifts and the impact they can have

- know that they can work with greater depth but don't quite know how

- want to access more of their power [you know it's in there!]

- are holding back their gifts to stay safe or feel they are not ‘ready’ to step up
[but know deep down they ARE]

- are afraid to be seen for the gifts they have and intensely fear visibility

- feel crippled by self-doubt, constantly questioning if this healing thing really is their gig

- keep looking outside of themselves for validation + deeply desire to be internally aligned


// course content //


Formal introductions to your Lead Healing Archetype initiate our journey this week!  You’ll get a clear sense of how this powerful archetype moves through you uniquely + how it has been speaking to you for many years already.  We’ll navigate your resistances to letting these healing powers move through you without obstruction.

. . . . . . .

We'll kick off the journey exploring what your personal definition of a healer is, facing any resistance to being a healer and you’ll learn a unique soul embodiment process that will anchor your soul IN your body [especially handy for most in this profession!] so you can operate in a more powerful way as a coach, practitioner or healer.

. . . . . . .

Within your Veiled Healing Archetype, even more of your super powers are available to you BUT you deny or hide this archetype force for some reason.  Maybe you fear the sheer potency they hold, or you hold past life trauma around using these gifts, or you are simply scared of how your life would change if you embraced these gifts this time around.

. . . . . . .

In order to access the full power of your Lead Healing Archetype, you must understand and embrace it’s shadow aspects that are keeping you locked down and playing small.  This week we do some serious truth-telling around how you have enabled your shadow to rule the show, whilst your brilliance takes a back seat.

. . . . . . .

This is a big week!  We unite your two Healing Archetypes for maximum impact in your life and your wellness business.  Working together as a team, you can start to access even more intuitive guidance, certainty and faith in your talents.  The combined forces of these two Healing Archetypes is BIG and its dynamic.  We’ll work on confidence, visibility + power this week : essential themes for up-levelling.

. . . . . . .

We must look to the shadow of your Veiled Healing Archetype to understand and heal the trauma that keeps you captive.  This is the magic that we need to access in order to transmute that fear and doubt into clarity and confidence.  You’ll understand more about the ‘you behind the scenes’ than ever before and how you can bring more of yourself to the fore..

. . . . . . .


Creating and sustaining these intimate relationships with your Healing Archetypes is life-changing to say the least.  We look at ways you can continue this deepening well after this course is complete with specific tools + resources to help you.  This seven weeks together is merely the initiation + introduction to your Healing Archetypes, the journey forward from here is up to you.

. . . . . . .


HYHB has given me a bigger, deeper understanding of my gifts
and what I am being called to do in the world.  There's the additional bonuses of doing this work, which means that not only do you access and activate your gifts, the work tends to flow into and benefit other areas of your life on BIG ways.

Maureen Owen | Coach + Facilitator
Lead Guide // Veiled Buddha


Post-HYHB, I feel expansive, unstoppable and full of possibility. I feel like I am finally living with integrity and alignment, as my outer world starts to mirror my inner world. This course has changed my life and given me the deep shifts and awareness I needed in order to walk the path I have been yearning to walk.

| Kirsten Severino | Holistic Kinesiologist
Lead Guide // Veiled Mystic



// early bird OPEN //

All Prices in Australian Dollars.
Program kicks off 31 July.

PLEASE NOTE : Lifetime access to the program is unavailable, as this is the very last time this program will be offered. However, all content will be available to download for your own future personal use.


// love for HYHB //


Understanding my Veiled Healing Archetype and what it is/has been that "holds me back".
It's like I've always known 'something' has been causing me to either not do things,
or do things I don't particularly want to, and now I understand the force behind this.
Amazing. I feel much lighter and free and inspired with life.
- Angelika Leishout : Lead Mystic / Veiled Mystic

. . . . . .

 I loved how we get the week to reflect, to practice and the open forum the week later,
the content flowed well from the first week to the end in terms of stages revealing
our archetypes and then bring it all together and acknowledging our shadow.

- Antonia Romeo : Lead Guide / Veiled Counsellor

. . . . . .

This was a beautiful exploration of the healing archetypes that run through the deeper currents
of our being to help understand ourselves more deeply and explore aspects of
who you are that will enhance every aspect of your life
and become 'yourself' in greater fullness.

- Simonne Salathe : Lead Mystic / Veiled Sensualist

. . . . . .

For me, most of the processes were very deep and I gained both insights and physical responses
to the sessions. HYHB is fantastic for anyone who wants to understand themselves
and their work more deeply and find a new creative, inspiring and
very personally relevant way of working.

- Jo Voight : Lead Shaman / Veiled Buddha

. . . . . .

I feel more experimental and confident in inviting The Shaman to guide my offerings
and a little clearer on what I need re: branding that represents me!

- Lisa Edgerton : Lead Shaman / Veiled Counsellor