First, let's meet the 8 Healing Archetypes



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// What are the Healing Archetypes?// 

The Healing Archetypes are universal healing + character types that are specific to those who are here to assist, guide, heal or support people to be the best they can be.


They are embodied in the united heart of all coaches, healers, wellness practitioners + therapists. 

The Healing Archetypes serve to wake us up to our soul's potential. They unite us with healing gifts from former incarnations and make them available to us in the present moment.  We can reclaim the aspects of ourselves that we have disowned in order to create the radical expansion we desire.


The Healing Archetypes are both tangible entities we can connect with [kind of like spirit guides] and archetypal aspects of your soul.


And, you don’t need to be running a wellness business or seeing clients to be touched
and empowered by these archetypes.  

You simply need to recognise that you are a healer in your own right.

// How the Healing Archetypes serve you //


access your hidden gifts

Uncover the hidden gifts that you shy away from and discover how to funnel them into your sacred work to deepen your strengths.  

Uncover your super powers

The Healing Archetypes show you what your healing super powers are and how you can optimally use them to assist your clients.

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Summon all the fragments of your soul's power.
Bring these 'soul memories' into the light.

Help you to discover your niche and speciality in your industry.  Get super clear on what your strengths are..

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Plant your feet firmly on the path of your soul's actualisation. You're here to make magic so let's start now.

Find the gold in the parts of yourself that are blocking your success + your brilliance.  Learn how to lean into the darkness to access greater light.

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// Your Lead Healing Archetype //

Your Lead Healing Archetype [LHA] is the foot you lead with in your healing work.  


This is where your most natural healing super powers lie. You'll know this as a feeling of knowing you've always been a particular way.  For example, Counsellors tend to be the one everyone turns to for advice, even since childhood.

These healing archetypes whilst aligned to the wellness industry, are not always a reflection of one’s modality.  So in most cases, it’s likely that your LHA is not your modality.  

Your modality is simply the vessel by which you express your gifts through.


For example, one client has a Coach LHA and she’s a trained kinesiologist + energy medicine practitioner.  But by nature and by her true character, she is driven, motivated and results-driven.  And she embraces her role as a facilitator of empowerment.


If you are curious about your LHA, you can discover your Lead Healing Archetype here.


// Your Veiled Healing Archetype //

Your Veiled Healing Archetype [VHA] embodies the gifts that you are hiding from. 


There may be many reasons why this is so – painful past trauma, shame, embarrassment, fear of judgement.
– it’s unique to everyone.  But we all have a VHA that we are disowning.


Yet it’s here that some of our greatest gifts lie and where we can be more truly ourselves in our sacred work and in our lives. 

It’s when we bring this part of ourselves from out of the shadows that we can become more aligned to our true nature and even more powerful in our healing capacity.


You can find out your Veiled Healing Archetype in my 7 week group mentoring training
Harness Your Healing Brilliance.

At this critical time on the planet, we need more empowered and aware healers, practitioners and coaches who are doing the Work.  That is, the inner work of their own healing, stepping out of the role of the Wounded Healer and facilitating the outer work of helping others to do the same.  


The Healing Archetypes are here for you to tap into as valuable resources + allies on your own path of personal and professional empowerment.