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Let's explore your unqiue Constellation of Healing Archetypes!

Over 90mins we will de-construct and delve into how the Healing Archetypes

move through you in this lifetime.


First up, book your session time.


In our time together we will uncover :
* Your Key Healing Archetype which is the HA to turn to when you ‘fall off the horse’ per se.
* Your Awakened Healing Archetype – this is the epitome of the healer you are destined to ‘grow’ into.
* You’ll know which HA’s are your anchors for your soul work and which HA’s are activators in your life that bring the challenges they have and WHY.
* You’ll also be shown the map of the evolution of your shadow and how it relates to your awakening – meaning, what aspects of your soul are hard-wired to sabotage you.

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