How to recognise when your business is ready to die + what to do about it

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// A Sacred Sermon from the Shaman Healing Archetype //


Most of us don’t usually think about the death of our business. That seemingly
far-off day in the future when we will close the doors + shut up shop, metaphorically. 


I mean, why would you? Especially when everyone is talking about launches, start-ups + list building.. it’s just not front of mind is it?


Well, the reality is, that time will come.  And most of the time, it will not be when you expect it to.  And for some right now, it's that time.


See, your business has its own consciousness yet, it is intricately connected to you, just like your child if you were a parent. And so, your business also has a life span too.


And so naturally with this connection to your ‘child’, you will feel the stirrings of impending change that is inching its way toward you, via your business. These stirrings may present as an internal feeling, like you can sense something needs to shift or change.  Its a visceral and can be an almost painfully nagging feeling.


Or, it may be that your business doesn’t ‘speak’ to people like it used to, and for the life of you, things just don’t seem to be progressing.


Or, perhaps you feel you have or are going to very soon outgrow your business.


Or, even you may feel distinctly this is the end of the road.


This can be an excruciating time, I’ll be honest.  Especially when you don’t want to admit to it or face it.  Because it’s at this time that you come face to face with your business’s mortality [and perhaps even your own] and this can feel really uncomfortable.


It can also be especially confusing.  Because sometimes, quite frankly, we may just need to pull our socks up and try some new tactics to generate growth in our business.. but, that’s another blog post.  This post is when you KNOW it’s time to shut up shop.


You may begin to feel an array of big feelings once this aforementioned stirring sets in.


Potential embarrassment – will I look like a failure or a fraud?

Shame – how am I going to tell my audience / friends / family?

Confusion – is this really what has to happen?

Anger – all my best laid plans, hopes + dreams are dashed! WTF!

Resentment - perhaps primarily at yourself for not apparently trying harder / better / more.

Blame – on the economy, our clients, our partner – whoever.


This is not about giving up, it’s about stepping aside to let something else be BORN.  We all go thru re-births in our own lives, and our business is exactly the same.


The Shaman Healing Archetype honours the cycles of life and no aspect of nature is more sacred than the other. Death and decay are equally divine as birth and life. So, therefore we must honour both with the same reverence in order to truly appreciate what it means to live.


Yes, these are unpredictable times, everything is going through a massive shift and unsettledness is abound, but what is going to help us the most is blatant honesty and TRUST. 


If your business is commanding to die in order to be re-born : LET IT.  Trust that it knows what it needs. 


Know that this ‘death’ or ending is merely a reflection of your own evolution and growth.


You are being groomed for something bigger, more potent and that can now make a greater impact. 


Let your business facilitate this transformation for you by TRUSTING its call to die. 


Let it rest in peace. 


And whatever is resurrected in its place, in all its glory, will be the next vessel of your soul’s evolution.


I mean, who are we to stand in the way or fight death, right?  It’s impossible. 

So, why not celebrate it for what it really is : a new beginning.


Resonate deeply with this post? This is an invitation to call in the Shaman Healing Archetype to support you during this transition, or if it’s your Lead or Veiled Healing Archetype, open this conversation up w your Shaman and allow them to direct you further.  All 8 Healing Archetypes exist in us all, each to varying degrees, so this archetypal force is always available to you whether or not it is your Lead or Veiled Healing Archetype.

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