If you wonder when ‘Your Time’ will come, read this :

Straight up : Your turn won’t come if you are too consumed with what everyone else is doing.


‘Your Time’ will pass you by if you are spending too much time looking outside of yourself rather than being present to your own life and what is unfolding for you NOW.


Those seemingly meaningless moments, events, experiences will not be seen in their true glory : as milestones and crucial steps in the sacred revealing occurring right under your nose.


You’ll simply dismiss them and overlook them.  They might just seem random or even downright annoying events or circumstances when you are too busy trying to ‘get’ somewhere.


Here’s a fact : There is a mystery in the evolving nature of our destiny.


An endearing - and yes! - frustrating mystery that we simply must SURRENDER to.


And I don’t mean surrender in a passive, collapsed-inward, giving-up kind of way.
I mean in a conscious, aware, eyes-open way.  We can allow ourselves to be present to our path if we are not distracted by the noise around us.


For me, I found my voice after years of not attending workshops, not consuming self-help or spiritual books and limited which mentors I worked with.  I needed to hear my own unique expression in the silence.


I needed to de-clutter my mind and my conditioning in order to really HEAR my soul speak to me, rather than parrot what I had been taught to date.


Your Time comes when you honour your path, your Way, as it is progressing in this moment.


Your Time comes when you realise your time is NOW, and it's perfect the way it is [despite how it looks or compares to someone else].


Your Time comes when you let yourself see the splendour of where you are at in your soul’s evolution.


We are ALL on a thrilling, expanded path right now [hence why we are all incarnated at this point in time!] and YOU are not excluded from this!


So these questions, they all have one answer :

When will the time come when I don’t worry about money because my soul work is supporting me, fully? 
When will I reach that place I have seen in my visions and meditations? 
When will the full expression of my soul be unhindered and exalted?
When will I finally start making the impact I was born to make?


That answer is : in your OWN fucking sweet time.


We need to open up an honest conversation about the true nature of this pained waiting game we are playing.  By the nature of our ego’s desire to compare and compete, we might look around and see those around us ‘ahead’ in some way or at least in a place where we ache to be.


But what that essentially does is it SEPARATES you from the creative force that is pulsing through you right now.  It takes you right out of your body and into your head, where you will deliberate for days, weeks, months [or for some, years] about how you haven’t ‘made it yet’.


To me, that’s heartbreaking.


And it’s an absolute waste of time too.


Stop looking at other’s success as a measure of your apparent lack thereof.

Stop putting the impending pressure on yourself to be somewhere you wish to be, right now.

Stop thinking you are BEHIND or less or even lazy.


Look, as a side note, sometimes YES we hold ourselves back and hide, etc.  And in these situations we need to brave-up and take a leap.  But what I am talking about here is the externalisation and comparison that goes on when we are not as far ahead as we *think* we *should* be.


Soul takes her sweet, languid time.

Soul can also accelerate the time/space continuum and throw you right into the thick of it all making a helluva riot in the process.

And you know what, Soul runs on her own clock!


How dare we think we can circumvent it?

Truth is, we really cannot [no matter how much we push, beg or try].


This will be a separate post one day, but I do also want to touch on the celebrity status of our industry idols and that this is what we need to aspire to.


I see it so often, there's this belief that you have ‘made it’ when you have hit over 10k followers on social, made 6 figures through an online program and successfully sell another company’s product for your own financial, hierarchical gain.


This does not define success.

Let me repeat : this does NOT define success.

This is not THE dream, that’s THEIR dream.


If you can take the time to define your own success, you might even find you are already there, or close or well on the path to it.

Your Time comes when you realise your time is already here, unfolding just as it should be.


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Hi kindred one, I'm Sarah K Jones and I live on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, close to some of the most stunning beaches in the world.  I am the creatrix of the Healing Archetypes, devoted mentor to coaches, healers + wellness practitioners, and imperfect mama to a vibrant 3yo lass who constantly keeps me honest. Digitally you can also find me playing on Instagram and Facebook.

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