How to be sure your soul work is original + unique

We’re all seeing it happen..

Our beloved health + wellness industry is becoming overrun with

*gimmicks* and I am sorry to say, if we are not careful,

 there will be more in the coming years. 


Whilst alternative therapies are becoming more mainstream, there is a misconception that in order to convince the general public that our work is valid we have to have our own clever spin or gimmick. 


The upside? Hey, at least more lay people are trying alternate ways of healing and obtaining overall wellness. 


The downside, this industry looks more and more like an industry of snake-charmers and charlatans with all our gimmicks [trust me, I have many friends who are not coaches or healers – on purpose – and many are dubious of our industry for this very reason].


Even within our own industry, we are trying to compete with each other with trend-chasing, marketing missives aimed at validating one’s desired position in the market.


A gimmick is ultimately taking something that was successful and giving it a twist, and that twist is the selling point. Thing is, it bastardises the original work in the supposed name of uniqueness.


To be specific, taking a proven body of work and branding it with different colours is appropriation.

Directly lifting someone’s body of work and calling it your own is appropriation.

Outright replicating content, copy, and method of execution is appropriation.

Purposely using buzz words that are on-trend to allure the flocks, with the specific + sole intention of maximising profits and riding the wave of ‘this is where the crowd is gathering’ is fortifying the gimmick.


Ripping off someone’s work for the intention of your own profit is NOT the way of the soul.


There is a false assumption that what worked for someone else will also work for you when you put your stamp on it.  When in fact, true innovation is not doing what everyone else is doing, but rather, staying on the absolute creative edge of discovery and leading the way into a new, undiscovered frontier.

And I learned this the hard way in my mid-20's when I took elements of my mentor's work, jigged it around a bit and re-launched it as my own.  Whilst I thanked her for the inspiration and she attempted to call me to account, I was too young, naive, stubborn and blind to see and ADMIT to what I had done.

And true to the universal laws - I never had the long reaching success that she achieved and I harboured an internal guilt + shame for many years.  


Our conscience never lies. It always know's what's up.

Integrity will elevate this industry, and it takes each and every one of us to be brave enough to stare down our ego and not allow it to rule our actions and choices.


This is true soul leadership.  Not looking outside of yourself for inspiration, but rather, taking a daring look within.


And I dare say, anyone that says it’s all been done before and you can only re-appropriate what is already out there is perhaps indolent and disconnected to a deeper current of wisdom + innovation.


In the business world, sure, it’s recommended to take something that works and copy it.  However, the primary intention behind it is about making money. And since when did healing and serving humanity become ALL about the money?


And be assured, I am not against making money. I just have an issue with it being the sole driver in this wellness industry because the work then becomes largely about the individual’s ego + fame, and less about the service or contribution.


I am also against the concept of the starving healer [akin to the starving artist] who martyrs + sacrifices themselves and their health in the name of healing and service.  Old story.  It’s been done and that is not the way of the future.


The way forward is the rise of the Awakened Healer who stays close to their INTEGRITY and the truth of their destined, distinctive soul work that is meant to grace the world.


So, in essence, soul work that is truly birthed from your core is not influenced by those around you [namely : your coach or mentor or colleagues]. The unfortunate but honest outcome of adapting your mentor or colleague’s work is you will never have true success or deep soul fulfilment within, no matter how flush your bank account is.


You will always feel a sense of in-completion and restlessness, perhaps even unspoken guilt and shame.  How much you are consciously aware of this will all depend on how fixed your ego is on convincing you have done the right thing by following your apparent ‘soul guidance’ which involved re-appropriating someone else’s work.


I see it all. the. time.


Look, yes, at some level even counterfeit versions of products and services contributes to the awakening of the planet but you can’t solely lean on that to excuse or rationalise mimicking someone else’s work.

If you’re a coach, healer or wellness practitioner hellbent on bringing something original into the world [and I will add here, not everyone has the potential, capacity or constitution to do so] drop the gimmicks and start listening to your conscience.

If you are hellbent on fame and fortune and desire to be the next wellness guru, go right ahead.  You can use any tactic, publicity stunts you desire.  But I will guarantee the money will not be sustainable, and you’ll never experience the blinding, exalted feeling of knowing your absolute brilliance was at play here.

What if you discover someone else who you have never met before has created something similar, perhaps on the other side of the world? It can be crushing to the ego, sure.  But, clearly you have both tapped into the same pool of wisdom.  See that as an opportunity to refine what is your angle .. ask, what were you destined to create?

Taken someone’s work you know and made it your own?  Not cool.

Here’s the truth about the second scenario : you will never truly succeed. 


As this work is not born from you, it is massaged and moulded into your version and therefore the potency of the work has been diluted.  The masses will require heavy marketing to get them onto your bandwagon, and the work will also not proliferate by word-of-mouth raving recommendations.


In truth, it will lack the substance and backbone to sustain itself because the true glory of your soul is not feeding it.

Your soul work will be original, potent and unique when you understand the textures and uniqueness of your own soul itself.

Wanna bring the deep work in? Do the deep work inside.


Convinced you have already gone deep enough – then it’s a sure fire sign you’ve only skimmed the surface.


Triggered by this post? Look within and be honest as to why.  And trust that there is enough room in this industry for a brave, innovative contribution that you know you have inside you.


Liberated by this post? Keep going.

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