Can't figure out your Lead Healing Archetype? Read this ..

This is for you if you have completed my free quiz multiple times

and are still unsure if you have mis-typed yourself,

are feeling confused with the different results and downright

muddled with what it all means!


Before we untangle you, here’s some context for you regarding your Lead Healing Archetype :

This is the archetypal force that comes most naturally to you. It is the embodiment of wisdom you have gathered over lifetimes [cause, you know, this is not your first time as a healer].


It’s who you are with no effort at all. 

It’s who you are beyond your modality.

It’s who you know deep within you is the real you, naturally.

It’s who you are no matter all the things you have studied.


Whilst you may not embody every single strength to a tee, there will still be a clear sense of, yes this Healing Archetype is my RESONANCE.

And in regard to the shadow traits, you won’t feel comfortable with them. Nor will you have resolved any or all of them. And that is ok. 

They are there to highlight for you any unconscious behaviour that hinders you really *owning* your superpowers fully.


Ok, now, take yourself thru this step-by-step enquiry and we’ll get you clear in no time.

Step #1 – Answer instinctively

Whilst you may have completed the quiz multiple times, do you remember which result you got when you answered purely from your gut?

Sometimes we can answer quiz questions thinking ahead in advance what the answers might be and we *may* even answer things based on what we desire to embody, rather than what is true for us.

So, take the quiz one last time, answering instinctively and see what arises..


Step #2 – Ask yourself these questions

Still confused? Never fear. 

Next, ask yourself these three questions :


# 1 : Which of the Healing Archetypes did you get a bodily reaction from when you read the guidebook?

# 2 : Which of the Healing Archetypes might feel like a learnt behaviour from the environment you grew up in or influences around you growing up?

# 3 : Which of the Healing Archetypes feels like this is a more honest, realistic result of who you really are, and not who you hope to be?


Step #3 – Power of deduction

If you are still feeling so confused you don’t know which way is up, let’s try this one last process.

We can at least deduce which Healing Archetype is likely to be your Veiled.

Your Veiled Healing Archetype is the archetypal force that at some level are rejecting, denying or not fully bringing into your life.

We may be terrified of this part of ourselves, we may fear the power it holds, we may be embarrassed to embrace it, or even are being called to just simply bring this aspect of your soul into your healing work fully.


So, looking at your multiple results, ask yourself :

# 1 : Which of the Healing Archetypes do you fear [a little or a lot] or feel resistance to?


# 2 : Which of the Healing Archetypes feel like an inevitable path you will walk this lifetime, but will require some growing into?


# 3 : Which of the Healing Archetypes is the most triggering?


Journal all of this out and see what clarity emerges.


Once you are clear on which Healing Archetype is in fact your Lead – your next crucial step is to get your hands on the DIY Activation Kit. 


In this DIY Activation Kit, go beyond conceptually knowing your Lead Healing Archetype and actually meet them, work with them and let them weave their way into your life and healing work more powerfully than ever.

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