Social media tips for the introverted, sensitive soul who finds it all a bit too much

So ... I’m dating Facebook again.


I know, I know - we broke up exactly a year ago in Sept 2015, but you know – as with any good breakup, I took stock and followed a line of enquiry around how I contributed to things going awry.


It's been a mounting enquiry over 12 mths as I re-calibrate from my last stint on social media.  I am now consciously choosing to re-enter the big sandpit that is Facebook - this time with my energy solid, my heart open and my voice stronger.


I've been happily dabbling on Instagram of late and it feels really good. Fun in fact. Being visually inclined and a lover of beauty, this platform seems like an enjoyable re-introduction to the world of social media.

Some of you may remember I deleted my FB business page last year as I struggled with how to find my own voice, learn how to seek internal validation in radical new ways rather than rely on 'social proof' for my worth and generally unhook myself from the scrolling habit [especially in front of my 3yo daughter].

Gladly, I feel more aligned to my message, my movement and my work this past year after this time out.  My hiatus has not only illuminated how my introvert self can play in this arena, but also how I can hold my energy without it leaking or fragmenting and getting lost in the noise.

Here's my own guidelines I am committed to fulfilling, if you struggle like I have - I do hope these tips help you out as well.


* Split my producing / consuming ratio to 90 / 10 : 90% of my social media time is producing and uploading quality, soul-provoking content to FB and Insta, whilst 10% of it is consuming it, scrolling and taking a peek + at what my friends and colleagues are up to, and purposely celebrating them.

* Limiting my check-in time to morning and night only, with a max of 30 mins. You’d be ah-mazed how quickly that 30mins go [actually, I am sure you’re not – it’s probably all to familiar!] so having this time frame has really set the tone for how I spend the rest of my day.  By, you know, having a life really.

* When I start feeling shitty or envious - close the app and reach out to someone - a client, a friend, family then tell them I love them and why.  I used to walk around for hours sometimes days feeling generally weirded out and self-conscious after a mighty self-esteem slam from FB.  These days, consciously choosing to shift that energy to love and service has helped immensely.

* Gather my energy after any time on social media - literally, call in the fragments of my energy that I projected onto posts, articles or conversations. I have been doing this a lot lately and it feels incredible. I literally feel whole again.  I had no idea how much my energy was getting sucked into the scrolling vortex leaving me feeling disjointed and wobbly.

* Remember that what I have to say has impact, meaning and the power to heal.  And people want to hear it. This mitigates the stage fright that descends when I see the words : ‘Write something …’ and the vast white blank box waiting for me to speak up.


* Remember to hold myself tight.  Despite all of the algorithm-skewing and the like, in all reality my words won’t reach everyone. So rather than think that the silence is a reflection of me, it’s the perfect opportunity to hold myself closely. Meaning, don’t lose myself in the false story that I don’t matter.

* I can use this platform for so much goodness - to simply share my gifts, inspire others to enact change in the world [whilst leading by example myself], and initiate important conversations that address the issues for most awakening healers.


As with any relationship, taking responsibility for our own stuff is paramount.  And this burgeoning relationship is no different. 


I’ll fuck up every now and then for sure.  I’ll probably wonder if I should just cut and run again [a habit all too familiar to a freedom-loving soul like me] but this is a commitment I am willing to make in order to have another channel for my kindred folk to reach me + banter with.


If you’ve got some hot tips of your own, I’d love to hear! What’s worked for a sensitive, introvert like you?


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Hi kindred one, I'm Sarah K Jones and I live on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, close to some of the most stunning beaches in the world.  I am the creatrix of the Healing Archetypes, devoted mentor to coaches, healers + wellness practitioners, and imperfect mama to a vibrant 3yo lass who constantly keeps me honest. Digitally you can also find me playing on Instagram and Facebook.

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