You are a healer outside of your clinic room, too.

A common issue for coaches + practitioners

who are building their practice is this :

how do I juggle part-time work?


A gifted client recently came to me with what felt like a dead end issue she was facing. 


She is a reiki practitioner, angel communicator + spiritual healer – and she was trying to precariously balance building her practice and sustaining part-time work to keep the money flowing in as she did so.


Thing was, her energy was split. 


When she was seeing clients she felt like she was really doing her soul work but as the resistance came up [as you know, following your soul’s calling can be bloody scary!] she distracted herself with other work.  This distraction split her energy to the point where her part-time work became so critical because client bookings were dropping dramatically. 


The question was : how could she build her practice whilst not resenting the part-time work she needed so much to live and raise her family?


Then, another question arose : how could she keep investing the time in her soul work in order to keep the momentum up with attracting client bookings PLUS continue to evolve her soul in the direction that she desired?


Sound familiar for you too?


Here’s the solution : stop believing you are a healer in your clinic room only.


As coaches or practitioners we seem to unconsciously think that our magic is relegated to the four walls of our healing room, for those that take the time to pay for our gifts.


But until we understand that our gifts are not and cannot be contained like this, we free ourselves up to really being able to embrace and use them in our day to day life.


And this is also what it means to walk your talk when it comes to your healing gifts.


You are not your sessions, nor are your modality.


You are a soul with consciousness and it’s YOU that is the critical ingredient to your success as a practitioner.


You are a gifted healer, practitioner or coach who has so much to give! It just doesn’t make sense to limit this to client time.


Take this client for example – her two part-time jobs include helping her mum with her catering business by doing the cooking behind the scenes, and the other is helping refugee women integrate into work after studying in daycare.  Her role as the assessor greatly impacts on the lives of these women as you can imagine by helping them integrate into a new work environment as well as grow their confidence as they build a new life for themselves.


Now, this client’s Lead Healing Archetype is the Mystic and the magic she can bring to these two jobs is immense! 


Since our session she has begun setting intentions with the Angels before she starts cooking, asking what the customers need to receive [joy, abundance, grounding], and infusing the food w Reiki.   Holding this intentional space has allowed her to really use her gifts in a way that serves others.  And it has dissolved the resentment, big time.


And in a strange way, these people who eat this food are also clients – they are paying for this delicious food after all, right?


And you know what, the food tastes amazing.  I wouldn’t hesitate to guess business will be booming soon for her mum’s catering business.


In her other role, she is bringing the magic of her intuition to these on-site assessments to bring a lil more magic to these women’s work.  Her mystical self is being given more permission to be present in this job, which not only brings this client immense joy from being her full self, but she also models to these women what it looks like to live in alignment with your soul. 


And to me, that is the most powerful form of leadership : living by example.


It seems almost obvious now that this client would be experiencing unprecedented magic in her own life in the form of workshop bookings, increased synchronicity, and a renewed confidence in her gifts.


And it’s so easy.  So to think that your healing gifts have a finite use or application would be cutting yourself short. 


You were born w these gifts – for goodness sake, use them! Any way you can.  Bringing your full and talented self to all parts of your life doesn’t just feel good, you create more of what you want.


So here’s some more specific guidance for the other Healing Archetypes, find out which is your Lead and look below at how you can bring your magic to your support / bread + butter / part-time work :


Guide : How can you bring more of your big-picture visionary skills to the table?  How can you contribute to the lives of others using your ability to tune into their soul’s desires? What can you see from your position that needs to be changed/adjusted/re-aligned in order to mobilise the group or company?


Buddha : How can you bring more peace, stillness and presence to the lives of those that you work with or interact with? How can your gifts of discernment + higher perspective serve your work environment?  How can you bring in more non-attachment and non-judgement to your workplace?


Mystic : How can you invite Spirit to join you in your work?  What magic are you aching to infuse in your work?  How can your intuition play a greater part in your role?


Counsellor : How can you bring in more of your active listening skills to your work?  What role can the Counsellor in you play more of when it comes to your interactions with others?  Be mindful of opportunities to speak of the Higher Truth in situations as they arise.


Nurturer : How can you bring more love and compassion to your work and to others that you work with or serve?  How can you be more generous?  How can you provide the safe haven for others to relax and feel understood?


Coach : How can you mobilise and inspire others to follow your lead with vigour and passion?  How can you organise your environment or time in a way that creates more time?  What gifts of motivation + inspiration can you bring to your work and how?


Sensualist : How can your sensualist come out more to play?  How can your creativity make a greater contribution to you work or a project? How can you create more ease and flow for others that you work with?


Shaman : How can you bring more earth-based practices to your work?  How can your workplace become more environmentally aware?  What needs a shake up?


Harness Your Healing Brilliance is a 7 week immersion into YOU and the density of your healing gifts.  It’s not just for those in practice, but also for those who know they can make an impact on the planet by bringing their healing brilliance to the fore in their lives.


Once you’ve discovered your Lead and your Veiled Healing Archetypes and how they dance together, life will never be the same again – both in session with clients, and in how you walk as a healer in your daily living.

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