Examples of Healing Archetypes in different modalities

The Healing Archetypes are the collection of specific soul gifts,

each an aspect of the united consciousness of those

in service to humanity, namely: the coaches, healers +

wellness practitioners or therapists of the world.


The Healing Archetypes contain our accumulated wisdom over lifetimes in the realm of healing + facilitating transformation.  They are not a definition nor direct match of your modality, meaning an archetypal Coach isn’t necessarily a coach by trade – they could be a Feng Shui practitioner or a homeopath.    


Your modality is just the vessel or structure through which you express your healing archetypes.  For example, an archetypal Counsellor can be a trained naturopath who is naturally gifted in talk-therapy and has a knack for opening people up just by the way they listen to them. 


And, it’s your Healing Archetype that differentiates you from others in your modality and allows you to stand out in your industry. 


When I was unconsciously developing this typology system [as in, before I realised what I was doing when I was observing my fellow colleagues!], I was categorising fellow practitioner friends in my mind, based on key elements they embodied. 


So, if I was in a funk and was feeling tender + super vulnerable, I would pick the kinesi colleague who had a more nurturing approach who would be compassionate to my situation and hold the space for me to cry my eyes out. 


If I was in a different kind of funk and knew I needed to get my ass whipped into gear, I would book with a kinesi friend who took a direct, no-bullshit approach with clear goals we would reach by the end of the session.


In these two instances what I was resonating with was the archetypal Nurturer and the second was an archetypal Coach.  And each of them has a distinct energy and natural skillset they embody despite the fact they probably studied at the same college.  I was attracted to them based on what I needed at the time. 


These were the differentiating factors that made these kinesiologists shine in their natural expertise.  And each of them was incredible at how they conducted their healing work because of how they leveraged their unique healing super powers. 


Kinesiology was the tool they used, but the magic came from inside them and what their soul brought in ie, their Healing Archetype.


And this critical information can be translated right down to :

- Understanding which audience you serve best and HOW

- What your branding needs to ‘say’ in order to reflect your natural gifts + talents

- What you do best and how that could be packaged in your offerings


The combinations are endless when it comes to the numerous modalities available, and the combo of Lead + Veiled Healing Archetypes for every individual.  But today I thought I’d give two examples for each Lead Healing Archetype of how I have seen them be expressed in a myriad of modalities over the last decade or so of observation!


Note : These examples listed below are of the strengths they display for this Lead Healing Archetype [LHA]. It doesn’t include the particular shadow traits each person struggles with, nor includes the additional element of their Veiled Healing Archetype and how that informs the uniqueness of their work.


Guide Lead Healing Archetype

Example #1 – A long term client is a Guide LHA who is a corporate trainer and coach.  She brings her big-picture + visionary skills to resolving internal organisational disputes whilst maintaining the individual personal goals for the individuals involved.  Her training days are entwined with transformative processes she created which help clients access their higher wisdom in a corporate setting.


Example #2 – A close colleague is a Guide LHA and whilst she is a kinesiologist + energy medicine practitioner, her natural style of leading and working w clients is to illuminate their soul’s purpose and destiny.  Her high vibe energy, eagle eye view and naturally cosmic intuitive skills are her striking points of difference.

. . . . . . .

Buddha Lead Healing Archetype

Example #1 – This friend is a medical herbalist but his Buddha LHA means he embodies a certain stillness and peace in both his demeanour and his approach.  Being in his presence alone is a calming experience!  He is naturally philosophical and continually concerned with the plight of humanity and uses herbalism as a tool to treat dis-ease in the body holistically. These are not taught characteristics he learnt in college, they are the elements of his soul that he had brought into this lifetime after many incarnations in monasteries and temples of worship.


Example #2 – A former client is a Buddha LHA and a trained deep tissue + remedial massage therapist.  Her unique style of sessions included an extra 30mins where she took her clients on a guided meditation before she laid her hands on them – guiding them wherever it was that she felt they needed at the time. This created an immense state of relaxation before any massaging occurred, which then meant the actual bodywork itself had a greater impact.  Clients raved about how refreshed, calm and centred they felt.  Bookings went through the roof when she made this one adjustment to her sessions based on her natural gifts. 

. . . . . . .


Mystic Lead Healing Archetype

Example #1 – This dear friend, despite how much she tries to ignore her intuition, she is always yanked back into its power!  She is a qualified Feng Shui practitioner, a Mystic LHA and so in-tune with Spirit that she specialises in entity removal.  She also ends up doing psychic readings as an addition to her consultations because the information Spirit is communicating to her is coming through so thick and fast for the client.  She is a natural medium and brings that so strongly into her work that she is now remarkably well known for this.


Example #2 – My old homeopath in Melbourne had a Mystic LHA so highly developed to the point that she would just look at me and know what remedy I needed! She was so in-tune with my energy and what was out of balance she very rarely turned to her many reference books in her office or her remedy + symptom matching program on her computer. And this was from our very first session, not just after getting to know me after a while.  It was clear she was seeing more than what her two eyes could see in the physical world, but could see into the energetic and metaphysical quite naturally.

. . . . . . .

Counsellor Lead Healing Archetype

Example #1 – As per my example earlier, I knew a Counsellor LHA who was an incredible naturopath.  Our sessions would end up being counselling sessions and the herbal prescription at the end was literally a formality of the appointment. The things that would come out of my mouth after a few precise and insightful questions from her often surprised me.  I always felt innately understood, like she was really hearing me.  I felt like I had sat with a well-trained psychotherapist.


Example #2 – A current client is an acupuncturist and TCM practitioner with a Counsellor LHA who ‘talks’ to the meridians of his clients and opens up a dialogue with the client’s qi.  His out-of-the-box approach is strange for some who are used to standard acupuncture appointments [brief chat, needles in, rest, needles out], but gold for those who seek and appreciate the deeper healing process of understanding why their qi is behaving the way it does.  He’s known also for offering seemingly random nuggets of advice at the end of the session that keep his clients reeling for weeks afterwards in how profound they are.

. . . . . . .

Nurturer Lead Healing Archetype

Example #1 – The Healing Archetypes are also relevant to those in allopathic medicine.  A former client who works in nursing + specialised aged care has a Nurturer LHA.  An older woman, she is genuinely caring and compassionate by nature, and this pours into her work on a daily basis. Whilst her colleagues fall into the trap of resentment and ‘just doing their job’, what fuels this woman is her enormous heart and how she shares this love.  Not only is it returned to her by her patients, she is a highly sought after carer in her area.


Example #2 – A dear friend who is a Reiki Master Teacher has a Nurturer LHA and she is totally the mama bear of her tribe! She is the matriarch figure and brings a tenderness [and sometimes tough love] to her clients and colleagues that inspires a greater self-love in the hearts of those she touches.  She is a sight be behold when her heart is full and overflowing – so many are drawn to the warmth of her ‘bosom’.  All I see in my mind when I think of her is a big, warm embrace!

. . . . . . .

Coach Lead Healing Archetype

Example #1 – A new client this year I have worked w is a Crystal Therapist, but is so tuned into her Coach HA that she is a force to be reckoned with!  She has such a direct, clear approach to the way that she delivers her sessions/readings and has a naturally organised + structured mind.  The way that this manifests in her work is through a unique formula she has created.  It includes an exclusive placement chart + use of the crystals, including what specific actions the client must take in order to allow the crystal’s healing powers to access deeper realms of the client.  Her approach is both highly energetic and pragmatic – quite a refreshing blend of characteristics in this modality!


Example #2 – Another client who is an Astrologer also has the Coach HA in her soul’s energetic makeup.  Having your chart read by her is like being at a high energy motivational seminar.  She is full of energy, very yang fire in fact, and I always walk away so driven + motivated to make the most of my astrological influences.  I know many peeps who have seen her say the same thing : she is a sheer force of nature.  This woman clearly spells out the steps that need to be actioned in order to manifest your destiny.

. . . . . . .

Sensualist Lead Healing Archetype

Example #1 – A colleague of mine is a coach by trade [with coaching qualifications] and has the Sensualist LHA.  Her unique approach to activating creativity, joy and productivity is via the five senses + erotic empowerment.  Her own story of sensual awakening has informed how she structures her coaching programs, and who she serves best.  What sets her apart from her other coaching contemporaries is her body-centric approach in a commonly head-orientated industry.


Example #2 – I know a wonderful yoga teacher who is a Sensualist LHA.  Her approach to yoga is so stunning, with a focus on accessing embodied wisdom through movement + touch.  She brings a playful + sensual element to her class that delights her students. 

. . . . . . .

Shaman Lead Healing Archetype

Example #1 – My business partner + collaborator on a side-project is a business coach [with two business degrees] and has a Shaman LHA.  Her connection to nature is proliferated throughout her branding, her language and her overall message of the changing face of business in this new paradigm.  An advocate of truth + integrity, her Shaman traits come through in the way she holds space for clients with the fierceness of her heart.  Attuned to the cycles of nature, her offerings move with the tides of energy that move monthly + astrologically.


Example #2 – A dear friend is a Transpersonal Counsellor with the Shaman LHA.  She brings a grounded, deep approach to marrying the soul + matter using personal altars.  As this archetypal force moves with the rhythms of nature + the natural cycles of the earth, her unique offering embodies these traits through and through.  A lover of nature + an advocate for clean, simple living – this woman walks her talk.

. . . . . . .

Each of these gifted coaches and practitioners are all directing their soul work with their strongest foot – what their Lead Healing Archetype is. 


And this is the distinction that their clients know, see and love about them. 


This is the magic that makes them shine organically in their modality, without trying to be like someone else.


And let it be known that the Healing Archetypes are expressed so uniquely through every person, meaning, the filter of one’s soul journey will inform how that Healing Archetype moves through them. 


The key is knowing what distinctive way the HA’s express themselves through you!


If you are yet to discover what your healing super powers are – get on it! You can take my free quiz to find out what your Lead Healing Archetype is and how you can start funnelling more of your soul-driven healing super powers into your sacred work.


And if you are super keen to get into the intricacies of your Lead as well as unearth where your hidden power is [your Veiled Healing Archetype] then you can sign up for the 6 week foundational group training opening up again soon.

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