Your modality is nothing without this one key ingredient

It’s a sight to behold an awakened  health practitioner or coach simply

blazing with sheer luminosity – they are not just ‘doing their job’,

nor are they defined by their modality – they are truly

in alignment with their soul’s wisdom

and it just pours into the work they do w clients.


And they understand this one key truth : You are not your modality.


Your modality is merely a vehicle of learned skills that does not have the consciousness to read or feel your client and their uniqueness.  Whereas YOU have consciousness to sense and feel your client, and it’s YOU that can bring in the spontaneous magic that knows how to utilise your modality + soul wisdom in the moment.


Just like how your car cannot drive itself without you - when you are not driving it, it is an inert object waiting to be brought to life with your body, your choices and your actions.


Modalities are ‘text book’ based structures + frameworks, and have a set of modality-biased rules.


What I mean by this is : you won’t find five element theory traditionally used by a homeopath to diagnose an ailment or prescribe a remedy, just as you wouldn’t find the use of crystals traditionally by a trained naturopath to treat an iron deficiency.


Whilst there are so many clients out there who are not ‘text book’ cases and therefore require more than just a modality to help them, we must ensure we are meeting our client’s needs by stepping out of and above our modality in order to truly support them.


So for some of us who have sensed this, we have studied many modalities in order to gain a wider perspective on healing techniques and approaches. These folks offer a hybrid of modalities as a result. 


Perhaps we know deep down that our clients are holistic beings therefore we seek to approach them holistically. Or perhaps we knew our initial modality had its limits [and I might add here, every modality has its limits] so we wanted to broaden our horizons in order to offer more insight + tools for our clients.


But still, this is not enough. 


What makes a good coach an incredible coach is their own personal genius.  And your genius is your combined collection of healing super powers, gifts + talents you have brought in from other lifetimes. 


The difference between a mediocre kinesiologist and a freaking phenomenal kinesi is their unique ‘flair’ or organic brilliance coming through. It’s their soul’s wisdom and ‘healing personality’ that shines through.


This is what is so utterly attractive to clients and most clients know when a practitioner is in their flow of brilliance.  They know because they feel understood in session, they don’t feel like they are being forced to fit into a modality-assigned box and they feel like they held the power in choosing to heal.


And this garners trust and true empowerment for the client. And these clients refer others and rave about you because they have felt a powerful healing occur.


Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having a modality – in fact, in most cases it's necessary training to understand the working of the body or the subtle energy field. 


But the problem arises when one confines themselves to the structure of their modality and doesn’t bring their soul’s wisdom into the mix. 


And their soul’s wisdom is much more intelligent, intuitive and receptive.


You can understand your own soul’s healing wisdom by working w the Healing Archetypes – these are the different facets of the collective consciousness of healers, coaches + therapists.  When you understand what your unique Healing Archetypes are, you can access the abundance of soul gifts that have been inside you all along [for lifetimes in fact].


And this is what I mean when I say : your healing archetype is not your modality.


So, you may be an archetypal Counsellor but your modality is where you express this archetype through – ie. the vehicle you drive. 


For example, you may be an acupuncturist and as an archetypal Counsellor your presence + active listening skills gives you the competitive advantage over other acupuncturists in your area, simply because your clients feel like they are truly heard and had the opportunity to ‘empty out’ before or after their needling. 


And it’s here that we start to enter the realm of healing contracts.  These are the agreements made between souls to facilitate healing for each other. 


The sooner you understand and embrace what the magnificent cocktail of gifts + super powers you possess, those that are aligned with your magic will find you – so much quicker than you can possibly imagine.


Just as there is a remedy in nature for every ailment, there is a healer or practitioner perfectly matched for every client, at specific stages of their healing journey.


Because this is the thing : we will only walk the journey with them for as long as their soul needs the medicine we offer.  Then, just as any contract – this ends when the work is complete.


But, back to the difference between your modality and your super powers ..  if we don’t make this critical distinction between the two, we wind up treating our clients on the surface only and lack the depth and intuition that comes from our lived experience over many incarnations that can really support them.


AND, most importantly, we are not fulfilling our own destiny of expressing our soul wisdom which we have spent lifetimes accumulating.  And this soul wisdom is embodied by our Healing Archetypes.  When you work with them, nay – partner with them, a whole world opens up from the depths of your soul.


You begin to grow in strength and confidence in your service offerings.  You create a free flow of supreme beauty and openness in your energy, because you are held by the wisdom of your own Healing Archetypes – which really, are aspects of your incredible, wise soul.


Your modality simply becomes what it has always been, a skillset, and you really see and know deep within that this is not what defines you.  It’s your brilliance and soul’s intelligence that leads the show.


More awakened healers are aligning to this truth and are leaving the greatest impact.  The rise of the awakened healer is contributing directly to the evolution of humanity, one soul at a time. 


And as the quickening continues and speeds up – more of us will be called to accept the invitation our souls are presenting us : to walk as one of the many awakened healers who are transforming the planet.  Are you one of them?

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