An unorthodox way to propel your business + income skyward

//  A Sacred Sermon from the Sensualist Healing Archetype //

Almost all business coaches will not give you this advice we are about to share. 


In fact, this information is relegated to a corner, covered in a shroud of shame, embarrassment or even misconception. And, perhaps even deemed completely irrelevant to business.


This act will ignite your creativity and waken up your ability to make connections in seemingly innocuous, surprising places.  Synchronicity will follow you. Inspiration will alight you.


Creative projects get a new lease on life, infused with an electric pulse that opens up greater possibilities.


Business relationships become more effortless and you will feel more able to connect, inspire and stimulate your audience.


This one thing will activate your life force energy in a way that nothing else can.  You will experience clarity of mind and a sense of expanded reality all in one. 


You can also bet that your money flow will certainly FLOW.  A surge of inner abundance will spill out into your world and saturate your sacred work.


Sound enticing?


Well, get yourself some good sex and you’ll be well on your way.


And not just any regular ‘going-with-the-motions’ sex, but the time honouring, decadent sex that unfolds you layer by layer. 


It’s when we allow the unhurried unfurling to occur in sex, we can reach the deeper places within where we have been hiding our inner prosperity and radiant essence. 


And it happens naturally, without the pushing and struggling that we tend to lean towards in our daily, working hours.


So it’s important to note here, that we are not talking about sex that is disconnected from the heart or quickies for the sake of immediate gratification. 


We are talking about the kind that you let yourself open + surrender to, to allow the petals of your heart unfurl and reveal the gentle core within.


Ultimately what you are doing when you surrender to aspect of yourself during love making you are allowing a natural opening to occur where your life force can expand and magnify itself. 


The Sensualist Healing Archetype governs all things creative, sexual + body-centric.  She understands what happens when we sink into our bodies, leaving the chaos + drama from our minds. 


We become more receptive to our true nature and in tune with our life force energy in a way that plugs us into a direct line of abundance within.


And the Sensualist understands intimately that life force energy is the basis of everything in the universe.


It made us and lives in us.

And life force energy is the source of money too.

So when you wake up your life force, or your Shakti, you wake up all that is within you.

The entire universe within your body detonates and emanates into every area of your life.


Got creative block?

Feeling emotionally constipated?

Cash flow not flowing?

Feeling like the world is conspiring against you?

Unsure of what choices to make in a particular area?

Struggling generate physical abundance consistently?


Make time for some decadent love making and you are well on your way to moving the tidal flow of life force energy effortlessly through you, inflame inspiration + magnetise more money toward you.


Resonate deeply with this post? This is an invitation to call in the Sensualist Healing Archetype to support you, or if it’s your Lead or Veiled Healing Archetype, open this conversation up w your Sensualist and allow them to direct you further.  All 8 Healing Archetypes exist in us all, each to varying degrees, so this archetypal force is always available to you whether or not it is your Lead or Veiled Healing Archetype.

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Hi kindred one, I'm Sarah K Jones and I live on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, close to some of the most stunning beaches in the world.  I am the creatrix of the Healing Archetypes, devoted mentor to coaches, healers + wellness practitioners, and imperfect mama to a vibrant 3yo lass who constantly keeps me honest. Digitally you can also find me playing on Instagram and Facebook.

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Sarah K Jones

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