Your relationship to money is wedded to your soul purpose

// A Sacred Sermon from the Guide Healing Archetype //

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine living

a life lacking direction, passion and purpose ...

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There is an absence of that intrinsic spark and inspiration to that vision, yes?  It lacks lustre and oomph. And for some, they may even question whether this is a life worth living.


You see, when we are ignited with a clear purpose, something to funnel our full selves into, WE COME ALIVE.


Our souls animate in a way that conjures our potential, bringing that potential to the fore and we begin to access our unique magic. It’s like we are on fire, each flame activating and waking us up.


We may feel exalted, liberated and even ecstatic.


Now imagine having that same sense of soulful direction, passion and purpose about money.   What happens when you ponder this possibility? Does it seem like a stupendous idea, ludicrous even?


What if we told your relationship with money one of the most ignored yet one of the significant elements of our self-mastery as divine souls?  Stay with me here as we explore this a little deeper..


When we start living a life of purpose, one of the first things to come under the microscope is how we are earning our money.


Are we wasting away in a loveless, directionless job or are we generating an income based in alignment with our soul purpose? If employed, we may even begin to ask if our values are aligned with the company or business that pays us. We may even begin to question the principles on which the money generated to then pay us is created on.


We start to make this assessment and begin to re-design our lives to walk more on our ‘path’ – whatever that may be.


How you choose to earn money can be a spiritual and evolved, conscious experience.  This choice can be both empowered and aligned to your soul purpose, on your terms. And this can be wildly abundant, again, on your terms.


What is even more essential to begin to understand is how you spend your money can be aligned to your soul purpose too.  And, this can be exciting, inspiring and laced with passion.


When you make a conscious choice about how you spend your money, you are acting on your beliefs.  You have the opportunity to start aligning your money with the divine devotion that you are called to in this lifetime.


- Do you invest in yourself and your personal + spiritual growth?

- Do you funnel your money into pursuits that encourage you to shine brighter?

- Do you direct your money into funding you living your soul purpose?

- Do your purchases reflect your eco-consciousness?

- Does your money support companies that are aligned with your values?

- Is your money supporting other’s soul purpose?

- Is your money offering hope and inspiration to others?


These questions begin to open up the space that exists in the realm of your soul purpose. So you see, your money can be channelled for the forces of good – your unique divine expression – and that gives money a sacredness that can in turn continue feed your purpose.


Once we understand that our relationship with money is wedded to our soul purpose, we begin to open up to the greater possibility of earning it without any guilt or shame.


Wedding sacredness to money is an integral part of our soul journey. 


But of course, as healers we seem to be more wedded to the out-dated shaming and abhorrence of money, quite often unconsciously.


Being an awakened healer means you will face this reality + be called to embody it at some stage.  There will come a time when you will no longer shy away from generating money and feeling guilty about it.


Really, the ‘money and spirituality guilt’ is out-dated and completely useless. And you’ll ache to just break through it.


And when you start to align your soul vision to your relationship with an impassioned, inspired money mindset, you can create immense change – in your own life, but also in the lives of others.


This is how we begin to accelerate our soul’s unfolding – not because we are well funded – but because we are relating with money with more heart and a clear direction.  And, we are seeing it for what it is : an energy to master within as a reflection of our own richness.


Resonate deeply with this post? This is an invitation to call in the Guide Healing Archetype to support you, or if it’s your Lead or Veiled Healing Archetype, open this conversation up w your Guide and allow them to direct you further.  All 8 Healing Archetypes exist in us all, each to varying degrees, so this archetypal force is always available to you whether or not it is your Lead or Veiled Healing Archetype.

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