The reality of owning your healing super powers

Discovering what your natural gifts and super powers are

can be liberating, and in truth, completely demobilising as well.


Liberating because you finally have the piece of the puzzle in regard to your unique qualities and healing capacities.  Finally, you know what it is you have to offer the world – great!

But, it can also be deeply confronting because it means we have to face the very blocks that held that healing power back in the first place.  And that will involve some intimate inquiry and truth-telling about :

- Acknowledging your lack of power to date

- Looking closely at what you have chosen to believe that kept you powerless

- What this super power is asking of you to step up into and become

- How much you really believe in your worthiness and value


It’s pretty daunting to say the least.


And what I mean by gifts and super powers are the abilities and skills that are unique to you – they are the particular healing talents that you excel in, quite naturally.  So in this article, I will be referring to your power as your healing super powers, your unique gifts.


So then, it’s quite natural to shy away from our power.  It’s immense after all and we have spent most of our lives [and so many former lifetimes] avoiding owning it. Why?


Because the reality is it places us in a position of responsibility [to ourselves and others], maturity, integrity and leadership.


And, that’s really scary, right?


But this process needn’t be a frightening ordeal nor something to run away from.  Owning our healing powers can also be the most graceful, loving and surrendered experience we can have.


Our healing power has a consciousness of its own, and whilst it demands to be respected, honoured and loved, we can find a way to befriend this essence of ourselves for greater wholeness, and happiness.


Committing to owning your gifts is like committing to a marriage or any lifelong partnership.  You are placing your trust and your love in someone and there is an element of risk here.  The risk lies in offering your most tender parts up, sharing your heart and your soul, and ultimately you’re hoping not to be hurt in the process. Hoping you won't change too much and lose friends in the process.  Hoping your love is reciprocated.


The same risk exists with partnering with our gifts or super power :

Will it abuse me?

Will *I* abuse it?

Will it let me down?

Will it put me in danger?

Can I trust it?

Can I handle the enormity of it?


And as with the leap into commitment in any relationship – we simply have to trust. To keep our heart open and be ready to receive the jewels of healing, self-actualisation and awakening that comes with such a union.


There’s also a sneaky little thought that can pop up for some that can stop us in our tracks and that is this : what if I don’t actually have any gifts or super powers in the realm of healing?


A valid question and also a limiting one, I have to say. Put simply : of course you do.  We are all healers in our own way, and especially so if we are called to the health, wellness and support based industries.


But it’s this devious thought that can create the block that stops us from accessing our gifts in the first place.


Because we inherently believe we are not gifted, we bury our gifts.


Therefore, this can become further ‘proof’ we don’t have super powers.  Make sense?  We are ultimately convincing ourselves of being untalented and proving it to ourselves in this warped way!


That’s why we need dedicated loving time and space to go into this enquiry.  And we need support.  It’s a big deal to be unearthing one’s power and beaming it out into the world!


I’ve created a 6 week training called Harness Your Healing Brilliance as such a portal of exploration and enquiry, where you’ll have my undivided support and guidance as well as taking the journey as a collective with other’s who dare to uncover their gifts and reclaim their power.


You needn’t walk the path of self-actualisation alone.


I am here to support and guide you to awaken your greatest powers into being.  It is my sole/soul purpose to see you empowered and making a lasting impact on the planet.

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