There are 3 Types of Healers - which one are you?

The Healing Archetypes exist within gifted folks

like you that exhibit and use their healing powers,

for the betterment of humankind.

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But just as there are various modalities for healer’s to funnel their gifts through [coaching, naturopathy, yoga, etc], there are also different forms a healer can take.

The title healer alone can hold a real charge for people because of the responsibility that is wedded to this identity.


And sometimes, the idea of seeming like a flake or a fraud will deter any good-hearted healer from owning this name. Most of us that are healers do not usually recognise that we are one either!

Essentially, by definition, a healer facilitates change and transformation in another that then creates a new reality, a new awareness and a new, healthier and empowered state of being.


Healers can fall into one of three categories : self-realised healers, unorthodox healers and the closet healers.

Self-realised healers

These are the peeps who have awoken to the fact they have healing gifts and have consciously chosen to study a particular modality to give them the vessel to channel their gifts through. Or, they simply use their pure, natural gifts as they are without the structure of a modality.

Whether or not these healers fully embrace or believe in their gifts is a different story, but at least they have realised they are healers and have put themselves in the position of being available to people who need help or support.

These include and are not limited to :

Naturopaths  |  Massage therapists  |  Yoga teachers  |  Energy healers  |  Homeopaths  |  Psychologists  |  Wellness consultants  |  Counsellors  |  Dietitians  |  Psychic + intuitive readers  |  Medical intuitives  |  Life + business coaches  |  Tantric practitioners  |  Feng Shui consultants  |  Ayurveda practitioners  |  Crystal workers  |  Angel readers

Unorthodox healers

These folks also hold great healing powers, namely the Healing Archetypal energies, but are channelling them through traditional non-healing means.

For example, one friend is has powerful healing gifts yet she is an artist. Whilst she doesn’t conduct healings per say, she facilitates one day art workshops that have continually transformed people’s lives.


By leading people deep into themselves, they can vision their greatest dreams and create them on canvas, as a visual expression of their soul’s calling. This then creates the catalyst for the change to actually occur in the external world.


The result is immensely healing for those that complete this art workshop and each walk away with a renewed sense of their potential and their divine nature.


Another client, is a team leader in a corporate environment. She holds strong characteristics of the archetypal Guide and Nurturer. It’s these characteristics that enable her team to perform to their best ability and understand how their unique selves can greatly contribute to the team’s overall vision and success.


This builds their confidence and facilitates a consistent belief in themselves – which creates consistent results and outcomes.

Closet healers

They are the unsung heroes of the healing realm as they are doing the ‘healing work’ every day, without the title of healer.

In most cases, they don’t want to acknowledge they are healers, which is why they tend to stay more in the ‘healing closet’ of sorts. And quite often, they are sitting on their wisdom which can also be a great waste of power when it is not accessed and utilised.


These are the mother’s who know exactly the right thing to say, they are the men who just know what is needed to crack you open, they are the women who can hold space for our deepest fears and understand what is needed in the moment.


In essence, whether you believe you are a healer or not is not the issue. It’s not about the title, it’s about your character. If you can activate and facilitate transformation in another, you are a healer.


What this planet needs right now is more healers who are claiming and owning their gifts and their place so more awakening can occur on a global scale. The time is coming to pick up our inner tools and access our greatest healing powers and bring them to the local and international community for the greater good.


The question now is : are you ready and willing to join us? Are you going to say YES to your natural healing abilities and put them to damn good use?

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