The 3 common responses after folks complete my free quiz

You may have already popped over here to find out

what your healing super powers are,

and then quietly freaked out ..


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And you either questioned the result, felt overwhelmed by what you read in the Guidebook or even unsure what to do with the enormity of the information delivered!


It's ok. Trust me, it's all good.


Here is some handy info for you to help you navigate through this state of either doubt, overwhelm or curiosity :


Reaction #1 : 'Not sure if that’s really me, did I do the quiz right?'

Two suggestions : either re-do the quiz answering the questions you second-guessed yourself on, or this may be an invitation to explore why there is resistance to embracing this particular Healing Archetype as your Lead.


Sometimes the most powerful gifts we have are also the most obvious.  Sometimes we simply overlook our ordinariness and assume there is no power there.


I had a client once whose Lead Healing Archetype was the Counsellor.  She was a massage therapist by trade and was wanting to diversify her work but unsure of what to do.  Taking her through the process that I take initiates through in Harness Your Healing Brilliance, she discovered something really crucial.


She had always known that she was the one her friends came to for advice, she was well aware that she could offer guidance and advice that was incredibly helpful.  She was naturally an intent listener and could really ‘hear’ in someone’s sentences their deeper questions.  She was often the calm in the storm when people came to her with overwhelm or confusion.


She initially refused to accept her LHA was the Counsellor simply because she expected her gifts to be something she wasn’t already embodying or that they were something she imagined to be grander or more altruistic.


When she could see how she really was naturally a Counsellor, she embraced these parts of herself more.  She also began adding 30mins to the start of her sessions for her own style of talk-therapy.  This allowed clients to empty out before getting on the table for their bodywork and meant they had a more relaxing and rejuvenating session as a whole. 


Not only did her bookings increase dramatically from the raving referrals, but she also didn’t need to do extensive study to tap into what already was a super power of hers.


Reaction #2 : 'Whoa... too much too soon!'


To have something like the anatomy of your POWER spelled out so clearly and succinctly can be confronting. Especially if it states where you can be blocked, and how seemingly simple it can be to move past that block.


Another client, an Archetypal Buddha, went into overwhelm when she discovered her LHA.  She felt even though it was made clear what she needed to do to awaken and apply her gifts more in her work – she simply didn’t know where to start.


I have created a specialised training to take you gently, step by step through the process of unfolding and understanding your gifts.  The volume of work is purposely not overwhelming so as to allow the time and space between content delivery for integration and distilling what you have discovered inside yourself.


Reaction #3 : 'Awesome! .. Now what the heck do I do with all this information?'


Join others like you to  Harness Your Healing Brilliance!  In this 7 week training you will really come into partnership with your Lead Healing Archetype as well as uncover your Veiled Healing Archetype – and this is where your hidden and unexpected powers lie.


In this training, I take you stage by stage through identifying your gifts and how you can bring them more to the fore.  One piece at a time, we decipher what your Healing Archetypes are awakening within you, what you are truly here to offer the world and how you can begin to own your power in un-parallel ways.


The information in the Guide is detailed yet generalised, the key in the journey is understanding how this archetype moves through you, and this will be completely unique to you.


This is your opportunity to find out how these Healing Archetypes express themselves in your life and work so you can start owning your abundance and power in a way that is in alignment with your soul’s gifts.

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