A good dose of competition can transform your wellness business

// A Sacred Sermon from the Coach Healing Archetype //

Competition is *not* a dirty word.

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In fact, it is an energy that we can use as a fuel to propel ourselves out of a rut or catapult us firmly forward on the path of our soul’s divine purpose.


This all depends of course on how we perceive competition.


Picture this: you’ve worked long and hard on developing something unique – a product or an offering - and lo-and-behold, you discover someone else is doing something similar or even exactly the same.  What would your natural response be to this scenario?


There’s two likely responses really, two types of competition that we can choose to align ourselves to :


1 : Spirited Competition

This is healthy competition where there is a clear recognition that the presence of competition is a reminder that what others have, you have within you also.  And what they are doing/being/offering is showing you what you are overlooking within.
The key here then, is to isolate what that gold is, and activate it in yourself.

Wake it up.

And don’t just think about it, make it real in present time.

Bring action to the inspiration!

Spirited Competition is borne from an innate sense of acceptance and wholeness in yourself.  It is akin with our self-love.  It knows no-one is better or worse than we are – but merely reflections of our own perfectly flawed, exquisite gifted selves.

And Spirited Competition can be the very push you needed to shift a creative block, or self-imposed inertia you may be experiencing.  When you use this energy to stimulate your creativity or ignite the fire in our bellies, big things happen.

We create change.

We transform our state of mind.

We transform our world.

We stop sitting around whinging and we do something.


And we thank the catalyst – the person or the business that engendered these competitive thoughts in us - and we see that they are gifting us with something we cannot experience in isolation.  It’s only with their assistance could we have finally acted and shined brighter, rather than felt sorry for ourselves.


2 : Crippling Competition

And it can do just that, cripple you.  This may cause you to collapse further into yourself and you may find yourself gasping for air as you begin to drown in despair and hopelessness.

It’s when you start thinking you are shit at xyz, or buying into the bulldust story about your lack of self-worth or that you’ll never succeed in this harsh world.

And this is when you stop creating.

And you shut your life force down.

And then, who loses?

Everyone, not just you.

The world is robbed of the glory of your brilliance.

The world remains unchanged, and so do you.


Sure, it can be natural for the first instinct response to slip into this crippling state [that’s forgivable], but after a little while you have a choice : either stay here and do more harm to yourself than anyone else possibly could, or, shift your energy to Spirited Competition and move forward.

. . . . . .


And to flip the coin for a moment, are you deliberately competing with others? What are you trying to prove?

Are you purposely going out of your way to better others and show them up?

What are you hoping to experience as an outcome and why?

Why is it not OK to just be all of yourself and do your unique thing?


Stop paying attention to what everyone else is doing and just do YOUR good in the world. 

You’ve got your own unique song for success and brilliance, your own timbre.

Sing it.


Resonate deeply with this post? This is an invitation to call in the Coach Healing Archetype to support you, or if it’s your Lead or Veiled Healing Archetype, open this conversation up w your Coach and allow them to direct you further.  All 8 Healing Archetypes exist in us all, each to varying degrees, so this archetypal force is always available to you whether or not it is your Lead or Veiled Healing Archetype.

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