Not everyone is destined for fame and fortune

And if someone says that everyone can be rich and famous,

it’s valuable to take a step back and question this proposition.


Practically, if this was true, imagine what the world would really look like?  Who would lead + who would they serve? Ideally yes, if everyone experienced abundance and riches, world poverty would end and that's wonderful.

But if everyone was famous - what would happen?  Wouldn't everyone just cancel each other out?


Sure we all have the same potential within us - that is absolutely TRUE - but we must honour our unique soul path, our unique destiny and our unique TIMING.


In my humble opinion, we need to avoid the traps of fame + fortune as being what we must aspire to in order to experience true happiness or freedom.


I'm deeply concerned about the saturation of the call-card proliferating the 'net' that you can be rich + famous .. this isn't just being said to you. The same pitch is being given to everyone this material touches.  It's not a personalised message or a 'sign' this is your time.  It’s a mass-mailout via Google advertising, social media + email blasts that tell you need to buy a product.

I've seen gifted friends who are coaches or healers who have belittled themselves because after all the hard work trying to make it [and using every formula available] .. they still haven't reached the stellar heights of fame or wealth.

You might say they had upper limits.
You might even think they didn't follow the formula to a tee.
You could possibly think they simply didn't commit fully.

But what if they blasted all their upper limits, executed every step in the pre-designed process to fame + committed blood, sweat and tears .. and still nothing?

What if fame + fortune is not their path?
More so, what if it's not YOUR path?
And, most critically, could your ego handle it if that was the case?

Your unique way of creating and being in the world is exclusive to you, and as unique as your fingerprint.

Your path may be to activate, heal or transform a handful of souls who then go and change the world thanks to you.

Your path may be to live a life of pure simplicity touching the lives of those close to you.

Your path may be to peak to fame for a year or two, then wind down to a simpler life of contentment.

Despite all our goal setting, manifesting and fulfilling our desires there is one thing we cannot avoid nor deny : 


Your soul has a greater plan and it may NOT include excess fame + fortune.

Quite simply, it may not be your destiny this time around to be famous or exceedingly rich.

Some find this out along the intense path of striving to achieve this fame, others find out the hard way long after their body has broken down and their soul is suppressed.

From the get go, you need to be OK that your soul has a greater plan beyond your earthly desires in order to enjoy your sacred work.  

So rather than your soul work being something you need to pimp out so you can reach everyone else's definition of success, it becomes a moving meditation + a true expression of your soul's brilliance.


Don’t misunderstand me about fame + fortune either. I am certainly not saying that’s inherently bad to have this.  Some of my most treasured idols are consciously aligned to integrity whilst also making amazing money + sharing their message across the globe. 


The message here is the striving for it as an ideal can be the issue. 


Alongside the belief that everyone, including you, needs this in order to be happy, free or liberated is dangerous.


If we can side-step the ideal that we must ALL strive for fame + fortune then we can ease up on the resentment that can inevitably come when we discover all our hard work amounted to seemingly nothing.


If we can find peace in what our soul has planned for us – which very likely might include some very unpredictable surprises – and walk according to that, this is when we can find the deep sense of contentment and true abundance in our lives.


What spurred this post, you might ask?  One of my HYHB participants asked me last night, ‘so if we know what our soul gifts are + we master them, then this is our ticket to fame and fortune, right?’ 


Short answer : No. It’s not a guarantee.


Long answer : this post.


Your job now is to discover within yourself, when you follow your intuition and not your ego, where does it truly want to take you?

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Hi kindred one, I'm Sarah K Jones and I live on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, close to some of the most stunning beaches in the world.  I am the creatrix of the Healing Archetypes, devoted mentor to coaches, healers + wellness practitioners, and imperfect mama to a vibrant 3yo lass who constantly keeps me honest. Digitally you can also find me playing on Instagram and Facebook.

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