Who are you protecting when you hide your wisdom?

Whilst we might think we are keeping ourselves safe when we sit on our soul gifts, the effects of this are wider ranging, let me assure you.


Quite often, in my own experience and what I see with clients continually, there is also an unconscious pattern of protecting others in the process of attempting to stay SAFE.


You know, not wanting to rock the boat or trigger someone else’s fears, make anyone jealous, lose favour or even feel the pang of being ejected from a group mindset and thus excluded entirely.


When we lean more into the brave choice of letting our super powers have free expression in the world, this can create a divine dissolving of the karmic threads that keep you in a place of safety, for the sake of another person’s emotional safety.


So in order to truly let ourselves be our full selves, we must honestly take stock of WHO we are protecting in the process.


Let’s explore this .. in reality, this hiding means that those around you won’t have the pleasure of greatness being modelled to them, and you won’t have the pleasure of experiencing your next level of personal, professional and spiritual mastery [which really, is the same thing].


This emerging, blooming and growing out of the translucent membranes that have to date defined the space you claim in the world, can challenge the places where you are seen but not really seen.


In truth, for almost all of us in situations like this, there’s a good dose of people pleasing at play. Of course we don’t want to upset anyone!


And, here’s a whopper of a serving of safety – where your fear of expansion [and the fear of the collateral damage that it can create] OVERRIDES your desire for expansion.


This is of course common when we start to access part of ourselves – namely, our healing magic within – that the safety membrane that held us so secure stiffens and it challenges us to be resourceful in growing past it.


The current participants of HYHB are experiencing this right now, and this is the necessary step in the Initiation. In fact, crucial.


Because if we can’t recognise who we are protecting, then we’ll keep operating unconsciously.


Look, I am certainly no master of it. However I am keen to ask the questions that open up a glimpse of a new reality.


And, I know you know this, but how the heck does all this hiding serve HUMANITY?


Often it can be our friends or close colleagues we can seek to protect too. We don’t want to face the rejection of outgrowing them. Or face the exclusion or unwanted judgement.


But maybe, perhaps your friends are here to show you your threshold, so that you CAN outgrow it.


Perhaps you might be surprised WHO grows with you, after seeing your inspirational leap towards your highest, most potent self.


Or simply, perhaps it’s just Your Time, and no-one else around you is at that point, yet.


Because here’s the ultimate truth :

It’s time to stop side-stepping your destiny and staying in the calm harbour of familiarity.

It’s time to face the music – the glorious, exalted music of your soul’s brilliance.

It’s time to grow the new skin – the one that has room for your reclaimed awesomeness.



Well, why bloody not!


We can choose to get all precious + victim-esque about our woundings or consciously look them in the eye and extract the gold that is buried within them. Because every trauma has it. Every wound has wisdom tucked inside it.


And until we dare to stop hiding from OURSELVES, then we will also protect others along the way. It’s just what happens.


So, perhaps to three critical questions are :


What are you hiding from, within yourself?


Who are you protecting outside of you in the process?


And, what has the potential to be exposed or revealed when you drop the hiding and protecting?


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Hi kindred one, I'm Sarah K Jones and I live on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, close to some of the most stunning beaches in the world.  I am the creatrix of the Healing Archetypes, devoted mentor to coaches, healers + wellness practitioners, and imperfect mama to a vibrant 3yo lass who constantly keeps me honest. Digitally you can also find me playing on Instagram and Facebook.



The Role of your Veiled Healing Archetype

What if I said your destiny is right under your nose?


So close in fact that it has revealed itself to you at various moments in your life, yet, you have been too pre-occupied to notice.


You are so much more than you think you are.


What the mind comprehends as WHO it perceives you are, is merely the very tip of the iceberg, meaning, there is a wiser, more powerful healer within that you are yet to meet, whom your SOUL knows very, very well.


This information is stored in the vault of your soul’s Akashic records, the sacred library of your soul’s accumulated wisdom.  And this is easier to access than you can imagine.


So, you may already know what your Lead Healing Archetype is [what, no you don’t? Head over here asap to do the free quiz!] and this is half of the equation. 


Your Lead Healing Archetype [LHA] reveals what foot you lead with when it comes to your healing super powers.  Your LHA is who you are naturally as a coach, healer or wellness practitioner, based on what you have learnt and experienced in former lifetimes.


Your Veiled Healing Archetype [VHA] however, also holds immense power and wisdom, but for some reason you are blocking, denying or not fully embracing this aspect of your soul. 


Knowing what this archetype is for *you* [because everyone is different], how to access it and to bring it forward from behind the curtain is a deeply healing and empowering experience.


Imagine healing the wounding around why you hide your gifts and shy away from claiming your role as a healer this time around?


Imagine knowing who you are destined to be in this lifetime, and actually LIVING IT?


Imagine feeling the freedom of pure, unhindered expression of your soul’s immense wisdom?


Imagine channelling the unadulterated light of yourself and changing the lives dramatically of those who work with you?


The role of your Veiled Healing Archetype is to take you to the next level of mastery as a soul and as a healer. 


This means, if you are only operating on what you are good at or what comes naturally to you then you are not growing into your soul’s creative edge. And by creative I don’t mean artistic, I mean *your ability to CREATE* and magnify.


We are shaped and formed by facing the challenges that our soul devises for us.  Facing the shadow side of what it is that holds you back is LIBERATING, to say the very least.


It forges a new skin, a new awareness and a new aspect of your soul that is simply aching to be birthed.


A client with a lead Counsellor is an energy healer and she thrives when her Counsellor is running the show. She feels the ease and the momentum when she leans into her natural strengths. 


And this is what she is known for – her incredible ability to hold space for TRUTH to emerge, and for being someone who people feel heard and understood by.


And yet, she has always had this niggling feeling that most coaches and healers do : isn’t there more to me?  She often questioned : I know there is more to how I can work but how do I access this?  Do I need to study something else?


When this client discovered that her Veiled Healing Archetype was the Coach, she realised that her gifts of leadership, clarity of direction and being a natural motivator were being hindered by her fear of being pushy or too commanding. 


This fear also paralleled with a deep sense of self-criticism [typical of the Coach Healing Archetype specifically] which ultimately held her captive in a loop of operating in the realm she was familiar with, and not allowing herself to grow and expand into who she is DESTINED to be.


When she integrated this aspect of herself, when both her inner Counsellor and inner Coach could work + play together – her work took on a whole new dimension.  It became richer, more textured, and had more ‘oomph’.  She rarely felt tired or exhausted by the energy work because she was operating with a different fuel : her soul wisdom.


She is currently developing a unique body of work that is yet to grace the planet, but let me just say based on what I have seen, it’s POWERFUL. 


And this signature work needed the input of her Coach Healing Archetype to inform the deeper undercurrent of the work, and this was something her inner Counsellor was unable to provide.


For myself, having a Lead Mystic and a Veiled Shaman – this has greatly informed how I work, who I work with and WHY.  It’s even dictated my branding and photography. 


The Shaman for me shows me that my role is to initiate others, to be the Mistress of Ceremonies, as they step over the threshold of one level of self-understanding, into a new level of awakening.


My Shaman shows me that my greatest inspiration and teacher is nature. 


My Shaman calls me into the shadows fearlessly and asks me to walk in the darkness in order to bring the light


My Shaman shows me where I deny my power and HOW I can reclaim it.


My Shaman reminds me to be in my body and remain present to the pulse of the earth.


And my Shaman is the natural partner to my Lead Mystic – the elusive, mysterious, psychic aspect of myself that would rather play in other dimensions than be here on earth.

Without this knowledge of the Veiled Healing Archetype, its gifts, its shadow that locks you out of your power and its medicine .. you can end up following a loop of familiarity or even mediocrity as you try to up-skill in any way possible. 


This can look like completing numerous courses yet still feel disillusioned, studying another modality in order to 'know' more, and perhaps even simply looking outside of yourself to those around you for a hint to what - ultimately - lays INSIDE of you.


You have all you need within you to understand WHO YOU ARE and what you are here to offer. 


Your archetypal constitution is your healing DNA.  It’s the blueprint of your soul’s mission and what it is capable of bringing in this lifetime.


This doesn’t mean necessarily that you need to stop studying all together to up-skill.  Rather, instead of extra study as the default mode to up-level your confidence and crack the code that is YOUR unique soul, I urge you to consider looking inside you first.


If you’ve ever wondered what it is that you are here to master in this lifetime, in regards to you healing gifts and soulful contribution to the planet - come join us for an Initiation like no other over 7 weeks, live online. 


Harness Your Healing Brilliance group mentoring program is open for enrolments and is calling for the coaches, healers and wellness practitioners who are deeply driven to bring the fullness of their soul’s gifts to the planet.


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Hi kindred one, I'm Sarah K Jones and I live on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, close to some of the most stunning beaches in the world.  I am the creatrix of the Healing Archetypes, devoted mentor to coaches, healers + wellness practitioners, and imperfect mama to a vibrant 3yo lass who constantly keeps me honest. Digitally you can also find me playing on Instagram and Facebook.