Your Archetypal Atlas Session will clearly show you what challenges are holding you back in
your sacred business
and *how* to overcome them.

::: 1 hour session live on zoom :::


This is THE super-charged session for coaches, healers + wellness practitioners who feel uncertain of where to take their business next, who are feeling stuck and confused, or feel like they are merely coping.


This is your chance to work with ALL 8 Healing Archetypes and myself for private mentoring and coaching.  You’ll get your very own supreme, intuitive map [aka Archetypal Atlas!] to your wellness business so you can navigate any changes, transitions or growth with clarity and confidence.


Being in business is the ULTIMATE spiritual initiation and having specific, accurate guidance to track the terrain is priceless.


The Archetypal Atlas is a detailed map revealing where you are at in relation to your wellness business, what unseen resources you have available to you and how you can move forward feeling secure and certain both in your business, and your gifts and talents..


It’s you and me live on Zoom for an hour whilst I unlock the specific details of what your Atlas ‘says’.  I coach you through what emerges, all with your VERY OWN unique Archetypal Atlas drawn up [you will get a PDF copy of this to keep!]. 



I was surprised at how enlightening this session was about the different gifts I had available to me. I was also surprised at how I changed in the moment each time you shared what each archetype had to say, like a distinct change in perspective. I left the session feeling lighter and more positive. I really think the session triggered healing in some areas such as emotional disconnection and physical healing within me.  Thank you xo.

Natalie Kent | Business Coach |

. . . . . .

I still can’t believe the overwhelming wealth and depth of what was revealed and just how perfect it all was! Everything felt so right, so true, so perfect – it was like all the pieces of a puzzle coming together to form the crystal clear image of exactly what was needed to begin stepping forward with truth, authenticity and power. I was literally blown away by the insight and guidance received and found the session to be so deeply inspiring and empowering.

Cara Lo Iacono | Doula @ Birthing the Lotus

. . . . . .

The breadth and the depth of the session – it still blows me away when I think of all that we covered in an hour. Wow!!!!! It covered everything from my soul calling through to practical tips on writing marketing scripts and producing videos, through to addressing underlying fears, and integrating mindfulness practices and deepening interactions with clients and so much more.

Maureen Owen | Coach + Facilitator |


// what you walk away with : //

Discover the strengths and gifts that come naturally to you

 and how this will allow you to access ease and organic prosperity in your sacred business,
whilst making empowered, heart-fuelled decisions.

. . . . .

Understand what you need to activate in order to return to wholeness

that make you powerful and unique – this is an untapped resource that is available to you now
and we will discuss how you can access these.

. . . . .

Unpack the underlying fears behind the scenes

that are keeping you captive and therefore limiting your ability to create true wealth from
doing what you love in your business.

. . . . .

Discover what is specifically needed

for you to enhance the spiritual force behind your sacred work.  That’s the pure or divine intent
behind the work, and how it will enhance the way you operate.

. . . . .

We will bring to light the past life influences

and stories that are keeping you in a holding pattern of stuckness, unworthiness and
lack of confidence.

. . . . .

Illuminate current challenges you face

and we’ll get super clear on how to overcome them with immediate,
practical call to action guidance.

. . . . .

Uncovering the resources available to you

RIGHT NOW [both inside and out] to reveal any hidden tools that you may be overlooking.

. . . . .

There is A LOT of big stuff covered in our hour together,
so our session will be recorded and you will receive a copy
of the MP3 to return to at your leisure.


// this is for the wellness practitioner who : //

- feels unsure where to tread next in their business and uncertain about where they want to evolve to

- feels under-resourced, blocked, resistant to change, or feeling like they are ‘out of kilter’

- feels stagnant, paralysed with inertia and hesitant to take any big leaps or risks

- can sense change is looming and unsure of how to progress or move into it

- know it’s time to up-level their sacred work and their business’s impact and seek specific guidance

- feels like they are just ‘coping’ and going with the motions rather than relishing in their sacred work


In our Archetypal Atlas session, you get the aerial view, from a neutral perspective,
of what’s going on in your wellness business
(because, honestly, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees
when you are smack bang in middle of it all)


You will receive accurate, intuitive wisdom and insight from spirit, plus unwavering support from an experienced wellness mentor – me! – who doesn’t have an agenda on what your success ‘should’ look like.

. . . . . . .

$330 upfront or 3 x $115/fortnight


+ PDF copy of your unique Archetypal Atlas

+ session recording for your future reference

+ conducted live on Zoom