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Program fee : AUD$2650 upfront - or - 8 x AUD$345 / fortnightly
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It is preferred that you are not enrolled in any other intensive studies or programs during our 12wks together, as this *will* be an extremely alchemical time we will have together, and its a lot of information to assimilate in your system. Its common to be overwhelmed with course content if you are also trying to focus on another program. It's my desire that what is delivered in this Intensive lands for you, and has the space to weave its way through you - so ultimately - you get all the benefits! Do you accept this condition of Application?
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By joining this Group Mentoring Intensive, it’s a requirement that you are self-responsible and accountable to your own inner processes. This means taking responsibility for your own stories and ‘stuff’. This Group will operate on the assumption that you are willing to go deep into yourself, despite if things feel hard, challenging or confronting. In order to make the most of the Intensive, committing the time to complete homework items is paramount. Whilst the homework set won’t be extensive, please allow a maximum of 2 hours a week outside of the weekly calls. You agree to make all effort possible to attend the live group calls and to show up for your private one:one sessions also. If you are unable to make a session, a minimum of 24hours notice is required. Rescheduling private sessions must happen within the week they were originally booked for. If you plan to opt for the Payment Plan fee schedule, you agree to pay your fortnightly instalments when they are due. Please tick if you agree to these terms before submitting your application. *