So, you’ve taken my free quiz to
discover your healing super powers. 

Now, what next?...
What do you DO with this powerful information?

:: Introducing ::


This is the DIY Starter Kit to kickstart you accessing the wisdom + power
contained in your Lead Healing Archetype.

In the quiz, I’ve taken the guesswork out for you and shared with you what your healing super powers are so you can move forward with reverence for the awesome
coach, healer or wellness practitioner you are. 

However, let me guess…. *even* with this new information,
in your mind you are still constantly searching for your elusive soul gifts by comparing yourself to others [maybe my gifts are as glittering as xyz person I admire?], or even by trying to make it more complex [surely my super powers are convoluted and out of my reach?!].

Spoiler alert!

Your greatest gifts are right under your nose.

They are so obvious you may mistake them as ‘normal’,
‘natural’ or even ‘just me’.

A committed, devotional practice on them is all that’s required.

In essence from completing the quiz, what you have discovered is
your Lead Healing Archetype
– and this reveals what natural healing gifts are available to you as a
result of lifetimes of mastery in these gifts.


And whilst this is all well and good to know conceptually,
how do you CONNECT with, COMMUNICATE with,

EMBODY and LEARN from this Healing Archetype within you?


Using the power of ritual + ceremony, specific activation techniques
and a committed Lunar Cycle [28 day] container to hold you,
the Activation Kit is the necessary pre-work to get to know + wake up your Lead Healing Archetype.

. . . . . .

This is perfect for you if :

You are *super* inspired after doing the quiz about what your
Lead Healing Archetype is and are keen to go much deeper

You feel the pull between your Lead Healing Archetype and how it
Can inform how to niche your sacred work.

You KNOW you are on a deep spiritual path of awakening and
you desire to gather as many *relevant* tools as possible to support you.

You are keen to begin the process of unfolding your unique Healing Archetypal
constitution and want somewhere to start, easily + inexpensively.

You deeply desire to understand what your unique place is in
the coaching and healing industry.

You are looking for the 'missing piece' in your coaching or healing work.

You know there is more to you yet to awaken, as a coach or healer, And are committed to facilitate that awakening right now.

Included in your Activation Kit

* Instruction booklet [pdf] - 20 pages of stunning goodness

* 12 Healing Archetype Aspect Cards [pdf] to print + use – one for each of the strengths of your Lead Healing Archetype

* Detailed audio discourse disclosing [mp3] never-before shared facets of your Lead Healing Archetype

* Activating meditation process [mp3] to meet, commune + heal with your Lead Healing Archetype

* Deep enquiry worksheet [pdf] to take you further into the journey to capture your insights + revelations


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