I groom coaches, healers + wellness practitioners to crack open the treasure trove of healing gifts within them so they can better serve their clients, and leave a legacy of change on the planet.


I guide kindred soul like you to funnel these healing super powers into your wellness business for greater prosperity + soul satisfaction.


If you seek to live and work with integrity and awareness whilst being the truest version of yourself, my work is designed to steer you to that direction.


You know deep down you are also being drawn into to an intense ride of self-mastery.  And this is no walk in the park, as you well know.


It's isolating work being a coach, healer or wellness practitioner, its just you and the client in the room [either physically or virtually]. I totally get how lonely this can be while you are finding your way through running a business, navigating ethical dilemmas, and continuing to stretch yourself + evolve your soul whilst maintain a constant stream of bookings!


I know this all too well : I was a spiritual healer + reader for over 13 years and learnt the hard way how to juggle all of these, whilst trying to find my place in the industry without looking like a second-rate version of the mentors I admired.


In this time however, I created the Healing Archetypes – a unique + revolutionary typing system for those who facilitate healing + liberation.  


Being their mama-creatrix, I'm not just biased when I say :  These babies are powerful. It’s my deep honour to bring their work + message to the masses.  And it’s a role I don’t take lightly.


The Healing Archetypes have changed how I work, the level of incredible transformation I have facilitated for clients as well as simply changed MY LIFE. You know, no biggie really.



//  I work best with practitioners who //


Get a kick out of taking responsibility for their stuff

. . . . . . .

Are accustomed [or at least willing] to walk into the shadows to acquire greater wisdom

. . . . . . .

Have a burning desire to live with integrity + alignment to their values

. . . . . . .

Feel they must fulfil their soul purpose or they will self-combust or simply die trying

. . . . . . .

Thrive on transformation and self-discovery

. . . . . . .

Willing to do whatever it takes to make their dreams + soul fire manifest

. . . . . . .

Are open to leaving behind any previous ideas of who they think they are
in order to be the person they really are inside.


//  The CV  //

Custodian + co-founder of Sovereign Business [2015 – now]

Accomplished spiritual healer + intuitive reader [2001 – 2014]

Freelance graphic designer + creative design-nerd [2000 – now]

Mistress of women’s ceremonies [2009 – now]

Creatrix of the Empower + Awaken Chakra Course for Women [2009 – 2013]

Connoisseur,  Dynamo Creator,  Enneagram Type 4,  Pisces Sun / Virgo Rising,  
Mystic Lead Healing Archetype / Shaman Veiled Healing Archetype [1979 - now]

Lover of sacred ritual + communion with the Divine [always, really]

//  I believe  //

Love + light isn’t the whole story, it’s our shadow where our greatest power lies.

. . . . . . 

You aren’t broken + you don’t need fixing.

. . . . . . 

Your clients aren’t broken + they don’t need fixing.

. . . . . . 

True empowerment happens when we stop playing the victim
+ remembering we always have a choice.

. . . . . . 

You have everything you need within to fulfil your divine purpose,
you have the blueprint inside you.

. . . . . . 

I believe every coach, healer + wellness practitioner has profound healing gifts,
accumulated and refined over lifetimes, that need to be shared with the world. 
[I mean, why else would they exist?]

. . . . . . 

This planet needs more awakened healers to pave the way for true healing and empowerment

. . . . . . 

The sacred masculine is just as powerful + divine as the sacred feminine

. . . . . . 

 The world NEEDS us coaches, healers + practitioners to step up and reclaim our power,
our gifts and make a valuable contribution to shaping humanity
as we hurtle towards pending self-destruction.

. . . . . . 

 Intuition, faith + inner alignment must be met with grounded, practical,
inspired action in order to make a difference –
ie. Wishing the world better will not make it so.

//  Personally  //

I live in my own private paradise amongst the trees in the Sunshine Coast near the beach, with my 5 year old daughter [aka my greatest teacher/mentor/sage].  Between being a solo mama + running two businesses, life is full and deeply satisfying. And, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


My greatest joy : hearing my girl laugh, it utterly melts me.

My greatest challenge : finishing projects + remembering my brilliance [ok, that was two]

My favourite activity : DANCING

I absolutely love : my mum’s Malaysian lamb curry

My greatest desire : to leave a legacy that seeds profound healing on the planet

My secret super power : I have synaesthesia – I see and remember numbers + words as colours.