Unlock the signature way you were designed to find satisfaction & succeed in the world


6 x 1 hour Private Mentoring Sessions fortnightly
6 x 1 hour Group Mentoring Calls on alternate weeks
Partnered exercises + Homeplay

. . . . .

This is for the coach, healer or wellness practitioner who seeks to unlock the natural rhythm that is uniquely THEIRS. Because you are wired to move a certain way in the world, unlike anyone else.. so why waste your time and resources on someone else's 12-Step process when your OWN blueprint LIVES inside you?



You won’t find any broad-stroke strategies for growth and success here, just strategies that are UNIQUE to you, all held in an incubator with others.


By the end of this 12 week Group Intensive you will have intimate, detailed knowledge about :

Which soul gifts you are denying, why you are excluding them and how you can integrate them into your healing/coaching work for greater impact
. . . . .

What strategy you need to call upon when you feel disconnected, stuck in a rut or simply can’t move forward in your healing work or healing business
. . . . .
What role you are here to fill in the fabric of the healing + wellness industry as a whole
. . . . .
How you are designed to move through life in order to create flow and ease and endless opportunities
. . . . .
What your relationship to money is, including : how you are wired to spend it, receive it, what past life influences define your relationship to money this lifetime, and where the greatest learning for you is in relation to money
. . . . .
What, exactly, you are here to master and role model to others
. . . . .
Which of your shadow traits are designed to sabotage you and how you can utilise the ‘fuel’ of these to propel you forward
. . . . .
 Your inner and outer personality traits that you are wired to share with the world, and how to sincerely market yourself in a way that is in alignment with this



Every group member will be different, this is very important to understand. 
This Intensive has *no* generic answers or strategies, they are SPECIFIC to you. 

You aren’t a generic healer, coach or practitioner therefore a generic approach to creating success will not to apply to you. And in truth, you may have tried many strategies to date yet have not yielded the satisfaction, peace or success you so desire and hope for.

These Intensives will operate in groups of 4 people each, maximum. 

. . . . .

Applications open again
January 2019.

Only 4 places will be available for this upcoming quarter.
Intensive startS first week of DECEMBER.


//  I work best with healers who //


Get a kick out of taking responsibility for their stuff

. . . . . . .

Are accustomed [or at least willing] to walk into the shadows to acquire greater wisdom

. . . . . . .

Have a burning desire to live with integrity + alignment to their values

. . . . . . .

Feel they must fulfil their soul purpose or they will self-combust or simply die trying

. . . . . . .

Thrive on transformation and self-discovery

. . . . . . .

Willing to do whatever it takes to make their dreams + soul fire manifest

. . . . . . .

Are open to leaving behind any previous ideas of who they think they are
in order to be the person they really are inside.


This Group Mentoring Intensive is for you if you are :

a)) often bewildered by the lack of traction you are experiencing in the growth of your wellness business,

b)) are still unravelling the mystery of WHO YOU ARE and left even more confused about how you can make an impact in the industry with your quirks, nuances and left-of-field characteristics, or

c)) deeply yearn to not have to bend over backwards to 'fit in' or be like everyone else in the industry.